The benefits

Network reach
Due to the size and reach of our network we can deliver a market-leading range of products and services and real business value. Enabling you to adopt the very latest solutions confidently and reliably.
Our Ethernet coverage
With 50% more Ethernet coverage than the competition, we’re able to offer access to a wider range of faster and more reliable Business Grade services and connectivity to businesses of all sizes.
99.999% uptime
We’re constantly investing in the capability of our network, such as increasing the number of high-speed, fibre services and ensuring our network is available 99.999% of the time.
Integrating voice and data
A seamless integration of all your voice and data connectivity and a UK technical support team we’ll help your business with transformation strategies for increased sustainable profitability.
Our equipment has been designed to upgrade easily to allow for expansion and innovation.

Our network in numbers


We've invested in excess of £600M in our future-proof network


Our Next Generation Network covers 95% of UK businesses


We have more than 3000 enabled exchanges within the UK for Ethernet, EFM and Business Broadband


And more than 2300 exchanges enabled for FTTC and growing


The number of minutes delivered over our network every month


How many 'live' customer lines that utilise our network


The peak Business Broadband traffic delivered over our network


More about our network


Data Centre






Find out about our resilient secure data centre that connects your business to the heart of our NGN.

Learn about Data Centre


Take a look at our range of solutions, including Superfast Broadband, EFM, Ethernet and MPLS IPVPN.

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 Find out about our resilient secure data centre that connects your business to the heart of our NGN.

Discover the portfolio