Business as usual

Irrespective of the jargon, in essence, what we’re talking about is the ability to rent a virtual server, load software on it, turn it on and off at will, clone it indefinitely and scale automatically. Structurally, cloud computing can be provided using a firm’s own servers, or it can be provided by a cloud operator that takes the capital risk of infrastructure. 

In all likelihood, your business is like most others with only 10-15% of their physical servers being utilised at any one time. That’s wastage small and mid-size enterprises can’t afford and it could be holding your business back. That’s why many forward-thinking firms are turning to a cloud solution that enables them to turn on and off their cloud usage at will – paying for only what they use and not a penny more.

At TalkTalk Business we advocate the use of a private cloud, hosted in one of our secure data centres – thereby providing the perfect blend of security, resilience and reliability. But maybe you’re not ready to make a full migration to the cloud yet – perhaps you’re looking for business-ready solutions such as website hosting for your new e-commerce site, or VPN services to facilitate home-working? A step-by-step transition to the cloud could be just the ticket, but you need business grade advice and support from TalkTalk Business to ensure you’re investing in the solutions that matter.

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Turn to the cloud with confidence

Today your business may be small, but tomorrow who knows? Growth can spring upon your enterprise quickly, especially if technology plays a part in your customer offer. The cloud can be the perfect enabler for this, but you need a strategy and scenario planning in place to deal with the short, medium and longer term goals. You need to partner with a business grade provider of cloud solutions that knows the SME sector inside out and has a track record of helping businesses like yours realise your aspirations.

TalkTalk Business can help you today to overcome the strategic and tactical challenges you will face and make your full or partial switch to the cloud quick, pain-free and, ultimately, rewarding. Once you’re there, the benefits are limitless. You want the ability to self-serve your website with a low cost, highly-manageable CMS package? You got it. You want to be able to develop and test a new app without the hassle and cost of buying new servers? You got it.

At TalkTalk Business, we understand that the logic of utilising the cloud is speed, efficiency and cost reduction, so that’s what exactly what you should expect when working with us. With all your cloud solutions serviced by our Next Generation Network you can have confidence that your journey to the cloud will be a fruitful one.


  • Cost-effective operational model which reduces your capital expenditure outlay
  • Flexible ‘pay-as-you-use’ service, ideally suited to small, highly-scalable businesses 
  • High level firewalls and security systems built into platforms and network solutions 
The Finance View

As CFO, you’re looking for ways to reduce costs whilst investing in the right technology to support the future demands of your business.  You’re aware of the rapidly evolving business telecoms landscape and are looking for ways that new technologies can support your needs in the here and now, whilst ensuring scalability in line with future growth.

You want to shift your department’s focus to areas of greater influence, away from transactional activities.  However, you understand that lost time means lost revenue so you need to ensure that you’re working on the most secure and resilient network.

To optimise your infrastructure and elicit cost efficiencies, you need to align and consolidate legacy systems and multiple locations on to one Next Generation Network. Once you have the business grade connectivity you need to support the new breed of technologies, you are in a better position to make a move to the reduced costs and Opex pricing structure that hosted solutions can offer.

Our business grade security means fast fixes and SLAs built in to your network. Security is important to you because business grade protection does not just protect vital company data and assets, it protects the bottom line. 

The Operations View

As Operations Director, you need to ensure that all business resources are as streamlined and efficient as possible, in order to maximise employee productivity and keep costs low.

You’re aware of the new technologies that can streamline and optimise IT resources, but you need to be sure that these new ways of working can be implemented in a secure and reliable way for your business.

It’s essential to you that migration to new technologies and security procedures is quick and seamless and that the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term inconveniences.

You need business grade security to avoid the knock on effect of increased downtime and subsequent lost revenue associated with an attack or breach.

We can offer robust solutions, so you’re in a better position to avoid the increasingly hefty fines that can be imposed under DPA, PCI or HIPAA standards. Whilst 0ur business grade SLAs and fast disaster recovery to minimise the impact on your day to day operations in the event of an incident. 

The IT View

As CIO, you know that the new breed of technologies supporting trends such as BYOD and mobility have to be capitalised on.  You understand that solutions such as virtualisation can benefit your business by boosting employee productivity and ultimately, increasing the bottom line.

You’re under increasing pressure to do more with less and implement the new breed of technologies to a tight budget.  You need to accommodate a myriad of employee devices but you know that you need to keep you IT and telecoms infrastructure secure.

We can guide you through increasing competitiveness through stronger technologies, whilst helping you understand more about the security and risk of implementing new IT strategies.

Any enterprise level organisation need business grade security.  This means having business grade SLAs, fast fixes, first grade back up and disaster recovery. All the tools you need to minimise any impact to your business in the event of an incident.