A contradictory challenge

A seemingly paradoxical shift is occurring within UK businesses – and connectivity is key. IT leaders are under pressure to move forward key initiatives and new technologies, all while sticking within increasingly tight budgets; it can be difficult to see how these conflicting demands can be aligned. 

Mobile and remote working is one trend in particular becoming increasingly prevalent across UK businesses and, thanks to their inherent agility, SMEs are in a prime position to capitalise on the opportunities offered. However, as a business grows in terms of the amount of information shared, the ways in which individuals share it and the wider geography it is shared across, bandwidth needs to grow to accommodate these processes. If not managed correctly, providing the infrastructure to accommodate this “always on” workforce can be a costly exercise.

SMEs will need to evolve their strategies if they are to successfully support employees in accessing new technologies in an efficient, secure and cost effective way; it is essential that there is a plan in place to support and optimise connectivity. At TalkTalk Business we know that Business Grade connectivity and hosted solutions provide the route to enabling new ways of working, and provide the solution to the contradictory challenge of reducing costs, while investing to meet growth and business goals. 

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The move to hosted

Although hosted technologies are key when embracing new technologies and ways of working – there’s a critical step before that: getting the Business Grade connectivity necessary to support it.

At TalkTalk Business we know that in order to meet the diverse needs of your staff, you need connectivity that can support high bandwidth applications such as quality video conferencing. Don’t try to make a residential connection fit for business-critical applications. Our Next Generation network is a secure, resilient connection that can be delivered through our Business Grade Broadband or EFM.

Furthermore, as pressure mounts to cut costs, the need to reduce expenditure is a constant demand on UK businesses. Our Hosted solutions enables you to move CapEx expenditure over to an OpEx structure allowing flexibility in budgeting and the opportunity to defer costs and pay for the service you need as you receive it. In addition, EFM, for example, is an affordable way to upgrade to a high capacity service without gold plating your network with full Ethernet, allowing SMEs to embrace a flexible, lower cost solution with very high performance.

The Operations View

Connectivity Persona OperationsAs an Operations Manager, you are in charge of the office budget and you’re involved in planning and implementing procedures and processes that ensure the smooth running of the business. You are trying to improve overall efficiency while operating within a tight budget and perhaps your company is out-growing its current technology.

You understand that upgrading your technology is the right solution for your business but you are wary of being oversold. Perhaps your previous supplier has let you down and you’re now looking for more support and a better service.

At TalkTalk Business, we understand that for SMEs in particular, security failure can mean business failure. As such, you need a seamless migration, with the confidence of knowing your data is secure. To meet the growing needs of your business whilst sticking to your budget, our Next Generation network and Business Grade services can provide you with the flexible, scalable technology solutions you need, without “gold-plating” your network unnecessarily. They are also simple to manage, meaning migration will not impact on the day-to-day running of your business

Furthermore, our Next Generation Data Centre provides state-of-the-art security as standard, giving you confidence that the integrity of your data is never compromised.

The IT View

Connectivity Persona IT

At TalkTalk Business we understand that perhaps your existing technology is in need of an update and with the advent of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture and mobile working, you are looking to move your communications systems forward to capitalise on this new way of working. You are interested in moving to new technology, but the risks associated with migration are making you hesitate, as you are keen to maintain business stability.

With our Next Generation Network, business continuity is guaranteed and downtime is never an issue. Our solution offers you a smooth delivery, without any delays and ensures you keep to your budget. It provides you with increased business intelligence, analytics, mobility and virtualisation – strengthening your business as whole.

The Finance View

Today's businesses are operating within an ever-tightening budget and you need to find cost-savings across the board. With significant growth forecasted for your business, you need to invest in a IT solution that can accommodate expansion and adapt to changing needs of your business over time.

At TalkTalk Business we understand the importance of sourcing a provider that can make it easy for you to find a straightforward solution for your business, without any jargon or hidden extras; we will work closely with you to identify the true wants and needs of your business and create a Business Grade package, specifically designed to support you and your business, now and in the future.

By upgrading to our Business Grade connectivity you will enable your workforce to improve efficiency and take the business forward. Furthermore, the pay-as-you-go nature of our hosted solutions give you opportunity to move to the flexibility of an OpEx pricing structure, which is great for SMEs who need to avoid CapEx outlays as much as possible. Also, you only pay for what you need – if your demands increase, our support increases in turn – giving you greater control over tight budgets and the option to support growth.

Business Grade connectivity

  • Business Grade connectivity provides the route to enabling new ways of working, and the solution to the contradictory challenge of reducing costs, while investing to meet growth and business goals
  • With multi-site and remote working becoming increasingly prevalent across UK businesses, connectivity and hosted services become critical to ensuring efficient and successful business processes
  • Solving the connectivity conundrum and making the move to hosted solutions is a real opportunity for IT departments to prove their worth and contribute to the commercial success of the wider organisation