The challenge

DX Group is the largest independent mail, courier and logistics operator in the UK and Ireland. Triggered by the acquisition of sister distribution business, Nightfreight (now DX Freight), the expanding company sought more flexibility from the communications technology underpinning its performance to increase its position and standing within the parcels market.

It needed a network with the resilience, speed and reach to support new systems and increased bandwidth demands – enabling The DX Group to successfully deliver its extended product offer to market coupled with a much improved customer experience. But, first and foremost, the logistics business was keen to consolidate its legacy infrastructure across 80-strong UK sites. As part of a wider company initiative to ‘fix the foundations’ of its IT backbone, DX Group set out to streamline multiple providers and multiple platforms to minimise the frustrations of operating in such a mixed environment; while maximising its new assets with a business grade network fit for purpose and future growth.

The solution

During the rationalising of suppliers and technology across the existing DX Group and newly acquired Nightfreight business, the parent company had a critical connectivity piece to address. Some areas of the operation were contending with services as low as 266KB; while a common bandwidth of 10MB minimum was crucial for meeting changing business needs.

TalkTalk Business’ Next Generation Network delivered all the essential components of speed, reach, resilience, reliability and security, with a service wrap and proposition that stood out in the market. Impressed by the number of physical exchanges, ongoing investment and potential cost savings, DX Group bought into TalkTalk Business’ proprietary network as the chosen platform to support its most business critical applications. With an MPLS IPVN wide area networking (WAN) solution deployed over EFM, the business can now rely on the superior network performance it needs, while enabling fast and secure data transfer between all its UK sites.