All businesses face the same issue; the need to achieve more with limited resources and this means making those resources - whether investment capital, operating expenditure, time or people – stretch further. And while IT is a great enabler, the complexity of today’s corporate IT systems makes measuring the impact of strategic technology investment on a business a
difficult challenge.

These are the issues which led TalkTalk Business to join forces with the Corporate IT Forum to commission what we believe to be ground-breaking research that proves smart investment in technology has a direct impact on the ability of a business to grow and triumph over its competitors.

Crucially, the research finds that companies that have increased capital investment in IT have more than reaped the benefits, seeing a clear increase in revenues and profit, with revenues increasing by just over 8% and profits by an impressive 15%. Consequently, share price has also jumped by 8%. If these figures are applied to the FTSE100, the combined revenues of the 100 companies would rise by a little over £132billion annually, while the FTSE 100 index would rise to 7110 – a level never previously seen.