Why are my numbers and services being migrated from Call Care 1 to The Portal?

  • In order to provide you with the ability to manage and configure your own numbers and services via our The Portal portal.

When am I / my numbers and services scheduled to be migrated?

  • Your migration date is based on the type of services you are using. TalkTalk Business will contact you 60 days before your migration date to outline what will happen and what is required from you. 30 days prior to you migration you will be given access to the The Portal portal so you commence creating users for all of your customers. Once the migration is completed you will receive an email informing you that the migration has been successful.

Does this mean that I don’t need to contact PSG any more?

  • You will still need to contact PSG regarding the creation of blank Auto Attendant, Data Capture and Call Queuing services. Once created PSG will place the blank services in your The Portal Root Account for you to configure at a convenient time.
  • You will also need to contact PSG for all Bespoke Service requirements.

Will the migration require me to do anything?

  • You will be required to create users for all you customers who require access to the The Portal portal. PSG will inform you when you can access the system to start the user creation process. Approximately 30 days later your numbers and services will be migrated across from Call Care 1 to The Portal.

Will I still be able to access my numbers and services on Call Care 1 post migration?

  • No, all your numbers and services will only be accessible via the The Portal portal.

Is there any training available regarding the The Portal portal?

  • In addition to traditional webex or face to face training which is available upon request from our Training Department, we have created a number of online User Guides which can be accessed at any time via the following URL http://training.opalonline.co.uk

Who should I contact if I require any assistance or help regarding The Portal?

  • Please contact your Account Manager or Reseller Support.

Are there any charges associated with The Portal?

Access to the The Portal portal and the creation of the following service types are free:

  • Standard Service
  • Reroute
  • Call Distribution
  • Date / Time Divert
  • Area Plans
  • Statistical Reporting

The following services are chargeable:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Date Capture
  • Call Queuing

I notice that Replay is not listed above?

  • Replay can be activate on the number via The Portal, however PSG will still need to be contacted so they can create you an account to access your Call Recordings. Please note that Replay is a chargeable service.

My Call Care 1 site is currently branded, will my The Portal site be branded?

  • TalkTalk Business is happy to create you a branded version of the The Portal portal. Please complete the required order form and return to your Account Manager.

Will I have to pay for the branding work?

  • Ordinarily there is a charge for branded sites, however as you currently have a branded version of Call Care 1, TalkTalk Business will create you a branded version of The Portal for free.