Maximise your revenue with competitively priced Business Numbers and complementary services

TalkTalk Business provides a choice of great value business numbers and complementary services to help you stand out in the marketplace and grow your revenue.

As a Tier 1 supplier we can offer large blocks of numbers and sequential groups that other smaller providers can’t access. The range includes Non-Geographic, Revenue Sharing, Geofix and easy-to-remember numbers with one national point of contact. What’s more, unlike other providers we don’t charge for Business Numbers, so you can really maximise your margins.

To help you and your customers make Business Numbers work harder, we offer a range of other voice technologies. They offer unique up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to differentiate your propositions, with options such as Hosted Contact Centre and IVR providing feature-rich services to improve call handling and increase your revenue.

Creating the right Business Numbers solution is quick and simple. We provide Business Grade support to minimise your management resource, with expert advice to help you navigate all the options and tailor the right package. This includes seamless transfer of existing numbers onto our Next Generation Network and a self-serve interface enabling you or your customers to quickly configure and manage the service.

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Key features

Business Numbers SchematicBusiness Numbers are ideal for partners looking to grow revenue, offering a broad range of options, competitive pricing and complementary services. There is a solution for every business, with unique cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to offer true differentiation in a commodity marketplace.

  • Offer a wide choice in competitively priced Business Numbers
  • Stand out in the marketplace with differentiating offerings
  • Helps to provide recurring revenue streams
  • Unique cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Revenue-sharing numbers give you a share of revenue on every number you sell
  • Unlike other providers TalkTalk Business doesn’t charge for Business Numbers so you can maximise your margins
The Operations View

When your current technologies are at creaking point, and there comes a time when the level of systems downtime you’re subjected to has moved from acceptable to intolerable, you’ll know it’s time to move to the cloud. But why wait until then? Surely prevention is better than the cure?

Fear not, there’s no need to ‘rip and replace’ and deal with all the disruption that can cause to your daily operations. Moving to the cloud with TalkTalk Business can help you introduce new technologies with a minimum of fuss. What’s more, we can help you scale up or down at will, or simply decommission old projects.

At TalkTalk Business, we have teams of experienced technicians and engineers schooled in the art of bringing cloud solutions and business grade connectivity to small and mid-sized enterprises like yours. Whether you’re looking to exploit the latest hosted contact centre solutions, with call recording and monitoring facilities, or planning to archive business-critical data in a secure off-site environment, we’ve got it covered. Consolidate your systems and processes, get control back over your operations and help steer your business towards growth.  

The Finance View

You are the Commercial Director of a company that mainly deals with mid-level corporations. Your customers demand good value and, as a volume business, you need to keep a close eye on investment costs to make sure that you maintain a commercially viable margin. Our range of complementary call handling solutions give you the option to enhance your product portfolio without having to buy and maintain complex equipment.

With our revenue-sharing numbers, you receive your share of the margin on each number you sell. Also, unlike other providers, we don’t charge for Business Numbers, so you can truly maximise your margins.

The IT View

The IT function in any business, large and small, is constantly striving to sustain the reputation of doing more with less. Budgets are falling or static, at best, yet you’re expected to deliver better IT services to employees and customers on aging, patched-up technology platforms.

The frustrations are obvious, but you can take steps to mitigate the burden and grow your role in the organisation by deploying some of your services in the cloud. With a pay-as-you-go platform as the basis of our hosted solutions, we at TalkTalk Business believe that you can deliver more projects with greater speed, dexterity and cost-effectiveness than ever before.

Like many other businesses, maybe you’d like to introduce remote working, hot desking and twinning between desk and mobile handsets. Or maybe your voice, video and data needs can no longer be supported by your existing infrastructure. With hosted unified communications from TalkTalk Business – giving you the simplicity of one supplier and a pay-per-user price plan – it’s never been easier or more affordable to get started.

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