Build your customer base and revenue with Calls and Lines

We give you the flexibility to build differentiating Calls and Lines solutions for both residential and business customers, with the cost competitiveness to maximise your margins and revenue.

TalkTalk Business partners can access a choice of call products, line types and care levels at different price points. Line types include traditional analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 as well as SIP-based Next Generation ISDN30 and Voice over Ethernet. There’s also a range of feature options available such as call divert and call barring on all line types. Designed to mimic everyday features to minimise transitioning costs, they can help your customers to manage contact levels and provide additional service resilience.

Complementing your Calls and Lines products is a range of tariffs, offering competitive call rates and line rental charges. By delivering real cost savings we make it easier for your to develop really compelling customer propositions. What’s more, you can service your customers’ demand and provide a fully-branded telephony service without owning or managing any network assets, getting you straight to market with minimal in up-front investment.

Our engagement models facilitate both wholesale and managed propositions, with two distinct products – A CPS product for calls only provision or WLR for providing a branded calls and lines service. This gives you the flexibility to work end-to-end with TalkTalk Business or partner with other providers.

Helping you to capitalise on new opportunities to grow your revenue is a dedicated Partner Account Team. They can assist with all aspects of evaluation, pre-sales consulting, training and even bid support to help you identify and implement the best solutions. If required, our help desk is on hand with back-up to your own first-line support to help you maintain the very highest levels of service.

Migrating your customers is easy, with no engineering changes or site visits required – simply submit your request online and we’ll provide a like-for-like transfer in as little as ten working days. To help you ease your resource burden on installation works, our WLR product includes end-to-end management with engineering co-ordinated through our WLR portal for seamless, hassle free switchover.

To find out more please contact your Account Manager, or call 0800 954 0764 


Calls and Lines solutions are ideal for larger businesses that want a best-fit solution, future-proofed to evolve with their organisation. With a wide range of line types, call tariffs and feature options you have the flexibility you need to create competitive, differentiating packages that will grow your business.

  • TalkTalk Business reduces the barriers to market for your business
  • Flexibility in the way you build propositions with minimal up-front investment
  • Provide a fully-branded telephony service without owning or managing any network assets
  • Access to market-leading rates and products, so you can grow your portfolio and generate new revenue streams
  • Our savings on line rental, plus lower call charges enable you to create compelling solutions
The Operations View

As Operations Director, you are concerned with providing service excellence in your delivery and as such, you demand consistent reliability from your providers. With TalkTalk Business’ Assurance Services options, you can acquire additional levels of support for your business-critical sites and this increased resilience will ensure high levels of call reliability. Our Calls and Lines offerings give your customers the tools to manage contact levels and maintain the highest levels of customer service.

With our easy-to-use provisioning portals, we give you increased flexibility and control over services, enabling you to fully control the ordering, provisioning and assurance of your WLR or CPS estate.

The Finance View

You’re the Commercial Director of a company that focuses on mid-level corporations. You like to offer your customer new and unique products at the right price. TalkTalk Business’ Calls and Lines offerings provide flexible tariffs which includes competitive call rates and business line rental charges meaning you can pass on significant savings to your customers.

You need to be confident that your provider takes an interest in your business and will deliver the support you need. Our Partner Account Team is always on hand to help you find the best solution, implement it and improve your ongoing service offering.

The IT View

You're the Director of a reseller business and as you’re part of a small team, you are involved in both decision-making and operations. You provide all voice and data products and you use your knowledge to choose the best-fit products for your customers. With the wealth of offerings available with Calls and Lines Solutions – a choice of call products, line types and care levels at various price points - you can tailor a solution that satisfies all your customers’ needs.

We deliver savings on line rental and our selection of flexible tariffs and low call rates enable you to present your customers with attractive packages.

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