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Pave the way to new market opportunities with Inbound Solutions

Inbound Solutions is an accessible way to expand your product portfolio and grow your customer base as you help customers to handle increasing incoming call volumes more effectively. Unlike traditional systems with customer premise equipment, there is no up-front or on-going investment required in infrastructure or equipment. This removes market entry barriers and training requirements, and combined with competitive pricing, makes a compelling proposition for you and your customers.

Our call management technology can be provisioned via APIs or through a fully-built TalkTalk Business Portal. So according to your business needs, you or your customers can remotely access call data and execute important call management decisions. Features include industry leading IVR functionality and a suite of provisioning, call routing and number management tools.

A TalkTalk Business Inbound Solution provides you with Business Grade features and the flexibility you need to offer your clients a range of scalable options. To help you take advantage and maximise the benefits of being on our Next Generation Network, we have a flexible multi-tiered account structure on hand with technical and commercial support.

To find out more please contact your Account Manager, or call 0800 954 0764 


Inbound Solutions SchematicAn Inbound Solution is ideal for partners looking to grow their customer base as they help customers to handle increasing call volumes. It offers a margin-rich, recurring revenue stream without any up-front investment in infrastructure or equipment.

  • Competitively priced
  • Offers recurring revenue stream
  • Easy to sell – no market barriers
  • Transparent billing – no hidden costs
  • Self-serve provisioning via API or portal
  • Secure, easy-to-use interface
  • No up-front equipment or infrastructure investment
  • No ongoing storage or maintenance overheads
  • Unlimited scalability
  • In-built reliability with automatic re-routing
The Operations View

You are the Operations Director and your primary focus is on service excellence. You want a knowledgeable support infrastructure and you aim to improve efficiency within your business. You are skeptical about buying unfamiliar products off the shelf without a full understanding of the infrastructural and technical implications for your own systems before committing to taking on a new product.

All our Partners are invited to take part in an on-boarding programme, where our team of specialists provide detailed training on our systems and products to give you the confidence to sell to your customers. TalkTalk Business is dedicated to providing you with all the commercial support and technical assistance required to make selling Inbound Solutions effective and profitable.

The Finance View

You’re the Commercial Director of a company that focuses on mid-level corporations. You’re looking for a provider who understands your business model and has a selection of modern, innovative products to bring to your customers. Your customers are always looking for ways to improve the quality and continuity of their service, but in these challenging economic times it has to be at the best possible price.

With TalkTalk Business’ Inbound Solutions, we look after all the equipment that customers would normally keep on-site, meaning the usual overheads associated with power provision, equipment storage or maintenance are eliminated.

The IT View

As Director of a reseller business, you’re involved in operations and decision-making. With huge demand for bandwidth in the last mile, you require a market leading solution which meets your technical requirements at the right price. Our extensive experience in successful migrations means you can be confident that we will move you onto our Next Generation Network with zero disruption to your business.

With no infrastructure investment, equipment storage and no power or maintenance costs to consider, Inbound Solutions is easy to sell and manage, and enables your customers to handle higher call volumes at a lower cost.

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