Grow revenue and margins with a high value, best-in-class IP voice solution

Voice over Ethernet is a Next Generation voice solution from TalkTalk Business that can help you to enhance revenue and margins.

It replaces multiple ISDN connections with a single IP connection offering up to 750 channels. This highly scalable and flexible solution can help you to rationalise customer costs and prepare them for business change.  It’s an in-demand and attractive proposition, with competitive pricing thanks to the economies of scale of our Next Generation Network, which has the largest Ethernet footprint in the UK.

Our Next Generation Network also enables us to bring you ISDN quality voice from an IP service, so you can assure customers of higher call success rates. Combined with a range of business grade features and functionality, such as number presentation and call barring, this enables you to improve the effectiveness of your customers’ voice solution and manage calls more effectively.

Voice over Ethernet is a low touch, hassle free solution that is fully managed and customised according to individual needs. Set up includes service design, installation and commissioning, with business-grade support and SLAs to ensure a future proof solution that requires less management and resource on your part.

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Voice over Ethernet SchematicVoice over Ethernet is a great opportunity for partners to move customers from ISDN voice to a competitively priced IP system. It offers customers a scalable, flexible and cost effective solution of up to 750 channels. As a partner you benefit from improved revenue and margins.

  • Competitively priced to maximise margins
  • A compelling proposition for customers that reduces overheads
  • Consolidated billing with the option to create innovate service bundles
  • Highest levels of technical support and call quality to match ISDN
  • Can be scaled up or down to meet changing customer needs – hassle free
  • A low-touch, fully managed, future-proof service
The Operations View

As Operations Director you are looking for way to streamline processes and improve efficiency. You need access to knowledgeable staff who can provide a robust support infrastructure. Business continuity is massively important to you, so it’s good to know that TalkTalk Business Voice over Ethernet comes with our Fast Fix guarantee meaning you can report any fault 24/7, keeping downtime and disruption to an absolute minimum.

Your customers demand the best value solutions possible, so our simple pricing model, with a monthly rental per channel, means customers only pay for what they use.

The Finance View

You’re the Commercial Director of a company that focuses on mid-level corporation and is interested in bringing new and unique products to your customers at a compelling price point. With TalkTalk Business’ Voice over Ethernet, you can provide your customers with an innovative solution that is cutting-edge and presents fantastic cost-savings opportunities. This Next Generation solution reduces your customers’ overheads by replacing multiple ISDN connections with a single IP connection.

Another advantage is the fully scalable nature of this solution, which can accommodate up to 750 channels to meet their changing business requirements.

The IT View

You’re the Director of a reseller business, meaning you are heavily involved in operations and decision-making. You are always on the lookout for ways to move your business forward while optimising the effectiveness of your spending. TalkTalk Business Voice over Ethernet is a competitively priced solution that helps you save money and better manage business change.

You demand reliability from your supplier and want assurances that SLAs will be met. We can tailor our SLAs with enhanced options so you can guarantee performance standards that are in line with your business objectives.

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Voice over Ethernet Presentation

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