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Connect your multiple sites securely with a scalable private network

Micheldever Case StudyTalkTalk Business’ MPLS IPVPN solutions support fast and high-volume data transfer across a choice of access technologies – from Broadband to fibre Ethernet. With bandwidth expenses predicted to grow by 15% per year as businesses look to take advantage of web-based applications, optimising your network design could result in a large reduction in your costs.

This Business Grade MPLS IPVPN product enables the consolidation of voice, video and data to provide secure private networking between sites and home workers across a resilient and reliable network; enabling you to connect your individual sites securely at a much lower cost. And because our Next Generation Network has more exchanges than any other provider, we can pass our economies of scale savings onto you.

Our Business Grade MPLS IPVPN solutions include access to the fault-management team and a rigorous Service Level Agreement with guaranteed response time and credits that are pro rata to your monthly charge.

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Key Features

MPLS IPVPN SchematicAn MPLS IPVPN is ideal for organisations with multiple sites and remote workers, wherever they are across the UK. It’s a perfect solution for businesses that need a secure way to connect sites with high-volume data transfer.

  • Supports fast and high-volume data
  • Connects your individual sites securely
  • Gives businesses what they need to take advantage of web-based applications
  • Choose from a variety of access technologies
  • Enables to consolidation of voice, video and data
  • By optimising your network you could see a large reduction in your costs
  • Access to the fault management team and rigorous Service Level Agreement

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MPLS IPVPN Presentation

MPLS IPVPN Presentation

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MPLS IPVPN Datasheet

MPLS IPVPN Datasheet

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