Business is becoming virtual; can SMEs afford to ignore the trend?

Virtualisation is often thought of as a resource and cost saving opportunity for larger enterprises. However, many of the benefits offered by this customisable, layered technology can be effectively harnessed by SMEs too, enabling consolidation and eliminating capital expenditure on IT equipment.

With the internet becoming increasingly reliable and efficient, and a boom in hosted applications and services for businesses, virtualisation has proved itself by demonstrating tangible benefits such as cost effectiveness, scalability and reliability. Plus, by virtue of its customisable “layers”, it can offer bespoke solutions at the right level to suit business needs for SMEs.

At TalkTalk Business, we understand that this centralisation of resources offered by virtualisation simplifies management operations and allows a single maintenance operation to span a large number of virtualised desktops, saving manpower and resource.

In fact, we know that SMEs in particular stand to gain a lot by working with a qualified partner to virtualise, as by its very nature, the SME is a more fragile entity than its corporate counterpart. 

Corporate Perspective Banner

Virtualisation has increased the value of the network. No longer the unequipped “highway system” of a company, it is now the most significant and relied upon IT asset: the single resource that ties all workers to the applications and information they need.

At TalkTalk Business, we understand that those organisations that can find the optimum way to leverage the network can gain a significant competitive advantage; however to do this, you need the right connectivity.

The network that your virtual applications are operating on can become a key point of strategic differentiation, enabling increased agility and ensuring that your business can meet whatever challenges it faces and scale and adapt resources to changing needs. As such, you need a truly Business Grade connection that can support the efficiencies, business continuity, security and compliance benefits that are offered by this evolved technology.

Furthermore, online applications and hosted solutions become critical to secure, reliable and efficient business processes. Our feature rich Business Grade technology, including our Hosted UC and Inbound Solutions, will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a virtulised workforce, without compromising on security and minimising risk to your business.

The Operations View

You’re looking for ways to streamline your business processes and maximise the efficiency of your operations, whilst boosting employee productivity. To further complicate matters, we’re working in challenging economic times and you need to do all this whilst working to a restrictive budget.

Operational benefits that virtualisation can offer SMEs include decreased physical hardware, reduced overheads, increased efficiencies, increased reliability, easier disaster recovery and extended device lifecycle. Look at disaster recovery, for example, it becomes more straightforward for SME in a virtual world.  As SMEs work increasingly with a qualified partner to manage recovery, there is less need to deploy already slim resources to deal with the additional workload brought about by crisis management.

At TalkTalk Business we know that you need to feel confident that you’re choosing the right solution for your business, and not being over-sold. We can offer you the technology you need now, but equally, the technology that can grow in line with your future business needs. Our Business Grade Broadband, or even higher bandwidth connectivity options such as EFM or fibre Ethernet, will help you confidently accommodate the virtual world by meeting the demands of your evolving business.

The Finance View

With bank lending terms remaining prohibitive for many SMEs, finding the budget to make large investments in technology is a challenge. However, you’re still cognisant of the business benefits that can be harnessed by embracing new technologies. Because you need to avoid significant capital expenditure, virtualisation provides a key opportunity for you to upgrade your technologies whilst keeping costs low. 

At TalkTalk Business we appreciated that the network that you’re operating on can become a key point of strategic differentiation between you and your competitors by enabling increased agility and ensuring that your business can adapt to the evolving needs of your market, quickly and effectively.

To gain competitive advantage, it’s inevitable that your organisation will have to look towards virtual solutions, but it’s essential that they are tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, if you’re to truly see significant savings. We will work with you to truly understand the wants and needs of your business so that we can provide the level and layer of virtualisation you need, and the business grade connectivity you will need to get the most from a virtual world.

The IT View

The new “always on” workforce is demanding anytime, anyplace access to business information. The proliferation of smart mobile devices and tablets has complicated the challenge even further by adding numerous platforms and operating systems into the mix. However, you do need to accommodate this trend in order to capitalise on the efficiencies brought about by a more engaged, flexible employee base.

At TalkTalk Business, we know that to enable efficiencies, you should look to virtualisation as a solution. In turn, to enable virtualisation, you should look to your network. Virtualising your workloads and applications will optimise your resources, however, it’s a bandwidth heavy technology and you need to ensure your connectivity can stand up to the demands – our Business Grade Broadband or even EFM, depending on your specific requirements, can help you stay one step ahead of the game. 

The data centre model is proving to be the most streamlined way to embrace virtualisation, with all virtual services hosted, administered and backed up in the data centre. Our Next Generation Data Centre is less expensive to monitor and manage than a distributed environment and can deliver the scalability to grow in line with individual business needs, connectivity to support the business in the here and now, and the protection your business needs from increasingly sophisticated security threats.


  • Consolidates server and client resources, driving optimised server utilisation
  • Reduces unnecessary system complexity, and efficiently managing workload operations.
  • Minimise disruptive events and maximises business continuity with reduced server downtime and disaster recovery.
  • Efficiently supports business growth by dynamically assigning server resources, rapidly deploying new applications and efficiently supporting business-critical applications.
  • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction - because they get the same experience regardless of device or location.