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The Next Generation Contact Centre

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile working have created an “always on” culture that businesses can capitalise on to harness efficiency gains and cost reductions. However, front of mind must always be the issue of security. For contact centres especially, dealing with large amounts of confidential customer information, the need to remain compliant and secure is key. 

As well as motivating employees and giving them a sense of personal choice, an efficiently executed mobilisation strategy can help to improve productivity, reduce business downtime and cut costs. Heavily reliant on the productivity of their call workers, contact centres are one sector in particular which could significantly benefit from mobilising.

In order to make the most of the mobile workforce, whilst staying secure, the move to virtualisation and hosted solutions becomes critical for the call centre industry. Hosted solutions, as well as reducing the number of servers onsite and reducing carbon footprint, provide a scalable, secure and reliable method of moving and managing large volumes of data.

Solving conflicting challenges

It’s essential that a move to any new technology is made with security in mind.  Call recording, for example, is required to ensure your facility is compliant with FSA guidelines, and other considerations such as the Data Protection Act and PCI standards. 

Making the move to a Hosted Contact Centre can offer a best value solution, thanks to the rich array of features and technical consultancy and support services that come as standard. 

For your call centre to be truly future-proof, and scalable to the changing needs of your business, upgrade to a forward looking hosted solution.  This means making the most of your telephone systems, phone lines and other call handling capabilities through hosted UC.  Keep in mind the need for truly business grade connectivity, such as high-capacity Ethernet or EFM, to accommodate this bandwidth heavy technology.

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