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Connectivity is key

In order to remain competitive in the new world of business, it’s essential for organisations to make the most of the new advances in technology that is available to them. For the contact centre industry, where the need to turn around high volumes of calls, while still providing a smooth and simple caller experience is key, this means embracing new innovations to help them streamline operations, improve employee productivity and reduce costs.

However, to do so effectively and truly reap the benefits, the right connectivity must be in place to underpin these bandwidth heavy technologies. Furthermore, updating or replacing legacy connectivity can be a daunting task. Business continuity is paramount, as you need to minimise disruption to your customers, maintain the high levels of service you strive to deliver and ensure that business operations and staff productivity aren’t impeded.

At TalkTalk Business, we know that with increasing business demands accelerating the need to converge voice, data and video onto a Unified Communications network, you will need to evolve your strategies in order to support employees in accessing new technologies in an efficient and secure way; it is essential that there is a plan in place to support and optimise connectivity. Demands on your connectivity are higher than ever and for large contact centres, in particular, it is essential that a Business Grade demand is serviced by our Business Grade Connectivity.

A future-proof solution

So, if they are to adapt quickly and effectively to meet these changing needs, without missing opportunities for cost reduction, businesses must now be more technologically savvy and forward looking in their approach. We know that Business Grade connectivity and hosted solutions provide the route to enabling new ways of working.

 We will work with your to ensure a seamless migration, identifying potential pain points, support you in optimising Hosted Solutions and establish the best fit connectivity package for your needs, be that through Business Broadband, EFM, Ethernet or a combination network solution. Our Business Grade service will ensure you get the flexible, resilient, wide-reaching connectivity your business needs – at the optimum price point for your requirements.  

Furthermore, our Hosted Contact Centre is a future-proof call centre management solution that can scale up and down in line with peaks and troughs in demand. With real-time data provided through a secure dashboard, and accessibility from any location with an internet connection, our Hosted Contact Centre represents a truly flexible, feature-packed offering which will enable improved agent productivity. It also provides the opportunity to bring more staff on board at peak times, and of course, the option to add additional agents without increasing facilities and overheads.