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Business on the move

UK business is mobilising. Due to the commercialisation of IT and rise in smart phone devices, initiatives such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are now firmly established on the IT agenda. This is because the next generation workforce, as well as the one you already have, expects to be able to access the same level of IT in the workplace, as they do at home. They want to access the data and applications required to do their job from anywhere in the world, and use smartphones, tablets and laptops to do it.

However, this movement towards a more mobile workforce can also pay back dividends to an organisation; for example, the use of personally owned devices can reduce business downtime by providing an alternative method of working if an employee laptop/desk PC is broken, while employees choosing to use their own devices because they are faster and easier to work with, will have increased productivity.

In the contact centre industry, where the need to turn around high volumes of calls, while still providing a smooth and simple caller experience is key, mobilisation becomes critical for business growth. However, as the trend for mobile working increases, so does the ‘edge’ of an organisation’s network, and a lot of the time, the inherent system just isn’t up to scratch.

Making mobilisation work for you

At TalkTalk Business we understand that the mobilisation of a workforce, particularly across multiple call centre sites, means that the demands on your connectivity are higher than ever. For large contact centre companies in particular, where reliable processes are required 24/7, it is critical that a business grade demand is serviced by Business Grade Connectivity

We will work with you to develop a mobilisation strategy that fits best with your needs, as well as provide the connectivity package and feature-rich tools, such as Mobile and Inbound Solutions, that will ensure you succeed on your journey.

Furthermore, our affordable, future-proof Business Grade call centre solution which is hosted in the cloud, provides the ultimate solution for easy call management and flexible control of multi-site agents and remote workers. 

Fully integrated with real time monitoring and skills-based routing, our Hosted Contact Centre allows you to host applications in our data centre via our Next Generation Network, providing you with resiliency and high security. So by demanding a Business Grade service that is tailored to your needs, you will ensure you get the flexible, resilient, wide-reaching connectivity your business needs – at the optimum price point for your requirements – to make the most out of the mobilisation wave and grow business in these testing times.