A solid investment

In your industry and the contact centre sector as a whole, there is a clear need to turn around high volumes of calls, while still providing a smooth and simple caller experience. Technology can be the much needed enabler to business success, however deploying technology can be a complex, time-consuming and counter-productive process, especially if the business and IT function lacks clarity over its strategy and objectives.

At TalkTalk Business we understand that choosing the right connectivity options and network package to help your contact centre work at maximum efficiency can be a maze and extremely daunting. You need help managing your traffic more effectively to reduce hold times, allow seamless transfer between agents or remote workers, and ultimately arming your employees with the information they need to close the sale or reach a satisfactory resolution to the customer enquiry.

Continuous performance

Connecting calls across multiple call centre sites or employees accessing dashboard systems from home, means that the demands on your connectivity are higher than ever. For large contact centre companies, in particular, you need reliability 24/7, so it’s critical that a business grade demand is serviced by business grade connectivity. 

At TalkTalk Business we will work with you to provide added value in terms of developing a technology strategy that best fits your needs, as well as the connectivity package and tools that will ensure you succeed on your journey. Our affordable, future-proof Business Grade call centre solution, which is hosted in the cloud, can provide the answer that you are looking for. 

Feature rich and fully integrated with real time monitoring and skills-based routing, our Hosted Contact Centre solutions are the ultimate in call management, flexible control of multi-site agents and remote working. By hosting applications in our data centre, via our Next Generation Network, you will benefit from resiliency and high security. In addition, TalkTalk Business provides a highly scalable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and secure way to protect your organisation’s IT investment.