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The next generation workforce expects to be able to access the same level of IT connectivity in the workplace as they do at home. They want access to data from any location – and they want to access it through a device of their choosing.

Virtualisation enables the trend towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) because it allows numerous operating systems to run through one CPU. By virtualising workloads it becomes more straightforward to grant employees access to the tools they need, because everything is deployed over the internet from a central nerve centre, rather than installed locally on their device.

Moving to a Hosted Contact Centre solution, through virtualisation technology, enables the use of home and remote workers when demand is high, meaning call centres can keep a tighter control of staffing costs.

Calling it Virtual

Virtualising workloads provides a cost effective way to keep up with the demands placed on them. With Gartner quoting savings of up to 50%, virtualisation has a proven track-record and the technology is sufficiently mature today that the opportunity for infrastructure transformation has truly arrived.

Moving to a Hosted Contact Centre provides a future-proof call management solution that can scale up and down in line with peaks and troughs in demand.

Hosted UC also brings together sites and connects employees, giving contact centre environments the opportunity to work from more or disparate facilities, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.

Inbound solutions such as Hosted Call Recording can also improve customer service while complying with PCI security standards.

To make the most of virtualisation, it’s essential you have the Business Grade Connectivity you need, backed up by a Data Centre environment to ensure security and scalability. This means high-capacity Ethernet or EFM to accommodate this bandwidth heavy technology.