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Moving the UK

The transport and logistics sector currently faces the massive challenge of reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses to help tackle climate change. This challenge must be met, however, whilst delivering a reliable and efficient transport network and sticking to tight budgets.

As more processes are automated and procedures are increasingly virtualised, there is more and more data being stored online. Needless to say, the more data stored, the bigger the loss in the event of a breach. 

Businesses across the UK are also continuing to mobilise, with more employees working remotely and from personally owned devices. An effectively executed mobilisation strategy can improve productivity, reduce downtime and cut costs. This is particularly pertinent for the transport and logistics industry, where pressure on margins is high.

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New technologies as a solution

Embracing the new breed of evolved technologies offers the opportunity to meet these conflicting demands by streamlining processes and improving efficiencies. Virtualisation, for example, can mean fewer servers, a reduction in data centre space, reduced power, reduced cost and energy consumption and ultimately a greener company policy with increased business value.

However, these bandwidth-heavy ways of working have increased the value of the network, as has the increase in data volume coming through corporate networks.  We know that in order to truly harness all the benefits of virtualising workloads and applications, it is critical that a business grade demand is serviced by business grade connectivity. 

This means upgrading to business grade broadband, EFM or high capacity Ethernet. It means a move to Hosted UC, connecting employees through a secure VPN and backing up business critical data in the Data Centre.