Moving the UK through the cloud

The transport and logistics sector is facing the seemingly conflicting challenge of reducing carbon emissions, whilst trying to deliver a reliable and efficient transport network.

The beauty of the cloud is that it helps you streamline your whole operation – from the technologies you use to better manage your physical assets to the data you use to make efficiency improvements and deliver and enhanced customer service.

Hosted solutions bring to realisation the idea of costs merely being temporary – not linked to large, up front capital investments such as buying physical storage space for your software and business data. Moving to the cloud with TalkTalk Business requires zero capital investment, delivers lower operational costs and reduces time to market for your products and services.

Moving towards an OpEx model

Cloud based solutions focus on reducing your physical infrastructure by ‘virtualising’ your systems and data and hosting it in an off-site data centre. By moving non-mission critical systems or automated processes into the cloud, IT departments can rationalise the spend on hardware and avoid expensive maintenance or upgrade costs. 

At TalkTalk Business we know that to move to the cloud, you need to do so in the right way for you. The transport and logistics sector is the backbone of the UK business community, so you need technologies that are reliable, resilient and efficiently delivered.  

This bandwidth-heavy technology has increased the value of the network these technologies operate upon, so you need to be certain that you are working with a truly business grade operator like TalkTalk Business with the latest high-capacity Business Broadband, EFM and Ethernet solutions.