Keeping up with connectivity

The UK relies heavily on the transport and logistics sector to move millions of people and thousands of commodities on a daily basis. While the pressure is always on to provide a reliable and efficient infrastructure, the sector faces further challenges still when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and cutting costs.

At TalkTalk Business, we understand that with such a vast infrastructure to unite, the need for business grade connectivity is growing in the transport and logistics sector, more than any other industry. With multi-site and remote working becoming more prevalent, online applications and hosted solutions are becoming critical to ensure successful business processes.

To add further complexity, the UK continues to face a tough economic climate and as such, the transport and logistics sector must look for ways to cut costs, across the board.

So, to meet these conflicting demands, the transport and logistics sector must embrace a new breed of evolved technologies; only then will they be able to streamline processes and improve efficiencies. However, embracing new ways of working means greater bandwidth needs, so it’s essential that the right connectivity is put in place, right at the outset. 

The cost of sticking with the status quo

As businesses grow in terms of the amount of information shared, the locations it is shared across and the endpoints it is shared through – bandwidth demands rise exponentially. Add to this the increasing amounts of data that need to be stored to comply with increasingly stringent regulations and standards, and it becomes clear that connectivity needs to be truly Business Grade if it is to successfully accommodate the demands of the modern business.

By switching to our Business Grade networking solution, which prioritises data traffic with Quality of Services (QoS), and installing high capacity Ethernet to provide a dedicated internet connection with scalable bandwidth up to 1Gbps, you will be able to stay one step ahead of the game and make the most out of these new technologies.

Furthermore, by the hosting applications needed to embrace ‘big data’ and mobile working in our Data Centre, via our Next Generation Network, you will not only benefit from resiliency and high security, but as costly CapEx expenditure can be moved over to an OpEx structure, you will have flexibility in budgeting and the opportunity to defer costs and pay for the service needed as it is received.