Making the most out of ‘big data’

  HSC are confident in their new infrastructure and have seen huge changes to the efficiency, cost and functionality of their contact centre.  

Greg Durken, Service Delivery Manager, Hugh Symons

There has been a massive explosion in data volume in recent years and the concept of ‘big data’ is now firmly established across the IT landscape. But why is the issue of data volume and more specifically ‘big data’ continuing to dominate the transport and logistics landscape?

Simply put, it’s because with more data, comes more opportunities for organisations to stay competitive. The benefits that can be obtained by companies that can successfully handle, integrate and analyse this influx in data are significant, and could be the difference between a company thriving or dying out. This is because data holds the key to a better understanding of the market, providing deeper insights into an organisation’s customers, partners and competition. It presents a wealth of opportunities for transport and logistics professionals looking to improve and fine tune elements such as business processes and customer service, all by reviewing and analysing the data they have access to on a day-to-day basis.

So, in order to thrive and stay ahead of the curve, the industry must learn how best to leverage big data, and quickly. Organisation’s must undertake a complete IT refresh and ensure that the network in place is best placed to support their requirements, in a cost effective and reliable way.

Preparing for the challenge

At TalkTalk Business, we know that tackling significant increases in data volume is going to prove a significant challenge over the next few years. What becomes key, is identifying which technology is right for you and your organisation, ensuring that you have the right infrastructure in place to grow business by making the most of the opportunities ‘big data’ presents.

In order to make the most out of ‘big data’ and successfully handle the massive surge in data volume, why not host applications in our data centre via our Next Generation Network. Not only will you benefit from resiliency and high security, but as costly CapEx expenditure can be moved over to an OpEx structure, you will have flexibility in budgeting and the opportunity to defer costs and pay for the service needed as it is received. 

This increase in data will also place significant demands on your connectivity and for large transport and logistics companies in particular, it is critical that a Business Grade demand is serviced by Business Grade Connectivity. By switching to our Business Grade networking solution which prioritises data traffic with Quality of Services (QoS) and installing high capacity Ethernet to provide a dedicated internet connection with scalable bandwidth up to 1Gbps, you will be able to stay one step ahead of the game and make the most out of the ‘big data’ trend.