The move to mobilisation

The movement towards a more mobile workforce is critical for business growth and if implemented correctly, can pay back dividends to an organisation. For example, the use of personally owned devices can reduce business downtime as handheld devices can provide an alternative method of working if an employee laptop/desk PCs is non-functional, while employees choosing to bring their own devices into work because they are faster and easier to work with, will have increased productivity through faster responsiveness and improved decision-making.

While these elements alone will significantly help to improve customer service, improving customer interactions through faster resolution of issues, mobilisation can also be used a competitive advantage, making an organisation’s processes more streamlined, and maximising productivity. This, along with the fact that employees are now starting to purchase their own devices through BYOD schemes, can help to significantly improve the bottom line.

But for the transport and logistics industry, which has small Opex and Capex budgets to work with and mounting pressure to reduce costs following the weak business volumes of the recession, the prospect of mobilisation is daunting to say the least.

Making the most out of mobilisation

The mobilisation of a workforce, particularly across multiple sites, means that the demands on your connectivity are higher than ever and for large transport and logistics companies in particular where reliable processes are required 24/7, it is critical that a Business Grade demand is serviced by Business Grade Connectivity

At TalkTalk Business, we know that as the trend for mobile working increases, online applications and hosted solutions become critical to secure, reliable and efficient business processes. We will work with you to develop a mobilisation strategy that fits best with your needs, as well as provide the connectivity package and feature-rich Business Grade technology, including our Hosted UC and Mobile Solutions, which will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a mobilised workforce, without compromising on security and minimising risk to your business.

Furthermore, our high capacity Ethernet should be considered to provide a dedicated internet connection with scalable bandwidth, while bespoke network solutions offer superfast and robust communications between sites. Only then will the transport and logistics organisations ensure that their mobile workforce is working at maximum capacity, without a significant increase in connectivity costs and with the peace of mind that the network is available 24/7.