Moving the UK Securely

Data Security continues to remain high on the agenda of UK business. Nowhere is it more important than in the transportation and logistics sector, which comprises a huge infrastructure, relied upon to move millions of people and huge quantities of commodities.

As such, the sector needs to stay as up to date as possible with data security issues and understand how to design and implement resilient, effective security procedures and policies.

Dealing with customer card payments also means ensuring PCI-compliance, and records must be kept accordingly. As more processes are automated, and in turn, procedures are increasingly virtualised, there is more and more data being stored online. Needless to say, the more data stored, the bigger the loss in the event of a breach. 

Embracing the new breed of evolved technologies offers the opportunity to meet the demands of more data and more stringent guidelines, by streamlining processes and improving efficiencies. Business Grade technology can help you to harness all these benefits, but underpinning all this is the need for robust, resilient security, otherwise your investments are at risk.

Stay secure in the new landscape

We know that security controls are more effective if they are designed as part of the architecture, optimised for each modular component and united by a common policy environment. A compartmentalised approach, on the other hand, can lead to weaknesses in security management. 

Connect your facilities and consolidate your data over a secure VPN and back up your information in a Data Centre environment to streamline operations and ensure control over critical information. Look at solutions such as Hosted Call Recording, which can also help to ensure you’re PCI compliance. 

Ensure that you’re working with truly Business Grade technology, including the best SLAs and fast fixes in order to minimise security threats, loss of productivity and loss of revenue in the event of a breach.