Staying competitive

“How do I do more with less?” is a question frequently asked in the business arena and, not surprisingly, the answer is usually rooted in a technology solution. With Capex and Opex budgets remaining low, transport and logistics is one sector in particular that must look to successfully implement new and emerging technologies in order to stay ahead of the curve.

This is because the transport and logistics industry is facing some of its most difficult times to date with cost cutting highest on the agenda. At TalkTalk Business we know that it’s of upmost importance for you to be operationally efficient, secure and have reliable processes 24/7.

Here at TalkTalk Business we also understand that while rationalising operating costs and improving customer services is key, the issue is also about remaining competitive and innovative an aggressive sector. The question is: are you being held back by outdated, legacy technologies?

A superior solution

True Business Grade technology can help you deliver growth through increased productivity and agility. So, whether you’re planning to upgrade or ‘rip and replace’ a server or a piece of software, these two attributes should always be kept front of mind and not get lost during the migration from old to new. 

But it’s also important to remember that with more devices, apps and tools, comes added strain on your network as it attempts to cope with the increase in workload. At TalkTalk Business we understand that new technology is only as good the connectivity which is driving it to and from your employees, customers and suppliers. 

You need to examine the benefits of putting in place an IT / telecoms infrastructure that can boost your logistics operation through increased speed to market, tighter control over running costs and enhanced mobility of your assets across multiple locations. That means running your IT operation on a Next Generation Network – a superfast connectivity highway that gets your mission critical data to where it needs to be quickly and reliably 24/7. 

It could also mean taking advantage of TalkTalk Business’s Hosted Solutions which can replicate your current infrastructure in a dynamic cloud environment with all your core services housed in one off-premise site. As well as providing increased security, accessibility and portability of your data, it could also be what you need to stimulate innovation within your sector and take new services to market.