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Manufacturing in the new world

Evolving technology is reshaping the manufacturing landscape. By creating opportunities for manufacturers to adopt more efficient processes and increase margins, those that can exploit these new technologies effectively have more chance of maintaining a competitive advantage by consolidating and optimising processes and boosting product development.

Manufacturers are also required to store vast amounts of data because information management is absolutely key to providing proof of adherence to regulatory standards and quality control guidelines. To streamline information management, records and data are often centralised in order to maintain best regulatory practice and ensure easy access to data in the event of an audit. 

Given the massive amounts of data already stored and the fact that regulatory guidelines will only evolve to become more stringent, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to securely store data in a cost efficient way. However, it’s essential to find ways around this and technologies such as virtualisation can provide the answers to this seemingly paradoxical challenge.

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More with Less

Virtualisation, for example, is a key tool in centralising administrative tasks and improving hardware-resource utilisation. This centralisation of resources simplifies management and allows one maintenance operation to span a large number of virtualised desktops. Simply, virtualisation optimises hardware utilisation, resulting in reduced cost.

We know that this bandwidth-heavy technology, as well as the huge amounts of data that manufacturers are required to accommodate, require truly business grade connectivity in order to truly deliver the benefits promised.

To simplify operations, manufacturers should look for ways to migrate and converge all IT and telephony systems onto one secure VPN. The value of the network has increased in the new world of work, so ensure you have the scalability you need, to accommodate your data volumes now and grow with your requirements in the future. This means getting the connectivity that’s right for your business: high capacity Ethernet.