Peeling away the overheads

Technological change is reshaping manufacturing by creating the capacity to adopt more efficient processes. Moving your tech, data and IT processes to ‘the cloud’ could help your manufacturing operation reap rich rewards through increased efficiency, innovation and compliance.

In such a capital expenditure heavy industry as your, the last thing you need is the burden of a cash-hungry IT infrastructure. That’s why cloud solutions make perfect sense for manufacturers – particularly those looking to rein in costs and move to a more frugal, operational cost model in IT terms.

This is where cloud-based solutions from TalkTalk Business come into their own.  They eliminate the need for costly CapEx outlay, instead, allowing organisations the budgeting perk of only paying for what they need, month by month.  

The cloud has it all

With centralised data and record management in a secure off-premise location, TalkTalk Business’s Hosted Solutions can give you all the flexibility, agility and security your enterprise needs. You want common access points from multiple sites? You got it. You want bespoke or off-the-shelf information management systems? You got it. You want class-leading data security and a clear audit trail? With our cloud-based products, you’ve got it.

At TalkTalk Business, we do not underestimate the value of the network in the move to cloud-based services. It’s essential you get the scalability you need to accommodate your data volume now, and grow with your requirements in the future. This means getting the connectivity that’s right for your business, be that Business Grade Broadband, EFM or Ethernet.