Making the most out of your data

In the manufacturing industry, information management is absolutely vital to providing proof of adherence to regulatory standards and quality control guidelines. As such, manufacturers are looking to make the most out of data, storing as much as possible, and often centralising records in order to maintain best practice, streamline management and ensure easy access to data during audits.

However, with this comes a need for internal information management systems to be accessed repeatedly by a large number of employees, from a large number of locations. A resulting factor of this is that the amount of data stored continues to rise and guidelines become more prescriptive; manufacturers are now under increasing pressure to ensure information is housed securely.

Additionally, the manufacturing sector is not immune from the increasingly mobile workforce that is becoming more prevalent across the UK. While enabling employees to work more flexibly can reap dividends for businesses in terms of employee productivity and satisfaction, the new ways of working require more bandwidth; it’s essential that businesses have the right infrastructure in place to support it.

Cutting costs through connectivity

Virtualisation and hosted solutions are two technologies that are effective in helping to centralise administrative tasks and improve hardware-resource utilisation. Centralising resources in this way can save man power and resource, optimising hardware utilisation and ultimately, reducing costs.

Manufacturers should look to server virtualisation as a key tool in reducing physical storage requirements. By virtualising servers, overheads are reduced in terms and carbon footprints can be cut – leading to a greener company policy and an increased business value.

At TalkTalk Business, we know that with the increasing amounts of data manufacturers are required to store, and the need to enable a more mobile workforce, the move to these new technologies is inevitable. Although they can prove to be an enabler to new ways of working, this bandwidth-heavy technology requires truly business grade connectivity in order to truly deliver the benefits it promises.

By switching to our Business Grade networking solution, which prioritises data traffic with Quality of Services (QoS), and installing high capacity Ethernet to provide a dedicated internet connection with scalable bandwidth up to 1Gbps, you will be able to stay one step ahead of the game and make the most out of these new technologies.