A competitive market

While many organisations are waking up to the benefits of embracing new and emerging technologies, particularly in the manufacturing sector, some are sticking with the status quo and letting their legacy IT and telecoms infrastructure hold them back.

At TalkTalk Business we understand that the cost of demonstrating that a new technology or production process is viable can be a significant barrier to investment in the development of new products, especially for smaller manufacturers. Furthermore, we appreciate that businesses have been busy re-scaling their businesses, using the recession and the period following it as an opportunity to carry out radical restructuring, improve agility and flexibility, renegotiate contracts and liabilities.

However, this doesn’t mean that this new wave of technology should be ignored and put on the shelf for later, it’s essential that the manufacturing industry fully embraces these new technologies if they are to survive the volatile economy. At TalkTalk Business, we believe you can achieve this by putting Business Grade products at the heart of your solution.

Embracing Change

It’s important to remember that as you adopt more devices, apps and tools, the strain on your network will increase as it attempts to cope with the increase in workload. At TalkTalk Business we understand that new technology is only as good the connectivity which is driving it to and from your employees, customers and suppliers; we are confident that the optimum solution to support business technology is our dynamic data centre, with our fail-safe and resilient Ethernet in the First Mile and Hosted Solutions in our private cloud environment. 

Furthermore, we have the UK’s biggest Next Generation Network which can help you future proof your business due to its ability to provide speed, capacity and resilience. In this way, you to deliver the technologies designed specifically for you, at the optimum price point for your requirements.