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The Evolving World of Retail

Retailers are finding ways to integrate the on and offline worlds to create a unique and personalised shopping experience for consumers, one where they can use price checking apps in store, check in-store stock levels before visiting or even utilise ‘click and collect” systems.

To remain competitive, retailers also need to understand customers to create targeted marketing campaigns and create brand loyalty. To do this, retailers need to garner insights from customer data – and this huge amount of information needs somewhere to be stored.

It’s an exciting time for retailers that can make the most of these opportunities but considerations such as security and compliance remain necessary barriers to overcome. Companies accepting credit or debit card payments, for example, must ensure they are PCI compliant, and such considerations become more complex with the myriad of end points that customers engage through.

The Next Generation Retailer

Although a large amount of server space is required to meet the demands of modern retail, this doesn’t have to translate into increased cost.

By moving to virtual technology and utilising the “cloud” retailers can harness the benefits of a more secure, resilient and robust infrastructure. These “pay as you go” technologies remove the burden of CapEx and reduce overheads, and Hosted UC provides a scalable and flexible way to manage your communications more effectively.

We know that underpinning all the issues that retailers face – and the solutions – is connectivity. Ensure that you’re working on the right network for your needs. This means a truly Business Grade connection, be it Business Grade Broadband, EFM or high capacity Ethernet. Upgrade to Business Grade and connect your multiple sites with greater efficiency and cost savings over a scalable IPVPN. 

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