Connecting with customers

The way in which UK business works is changing. In order to stay ahead of the game in these challenging economic times, organisations must look to effectively adopt new and emerging technologies.

Retail is one sector in particular that is embracing a number of new technologies and tools with the hope of staying better connected to their customers. This is because the world of retail is evolving and the next generation shopper now uses their smartphone or tablet to browse shops online, compare prices and even place orders.

So, the issue for retailers is now about how best to leverage multi-channel retailing and integrate the on and offline worlds to create a unique and personalised shopping experience for consumers; one where they can use price checking apps in store, check in-store stock levels before visiting or even utilise ‘click’ and pick up systems.

As such, retailers are looking to technology to provide a solution. They want to use technology to align online and offline customer experiences, store and analyse increasing volumes of data and enable collaboration between sites; all in a bid to streamline process and stay competitive. Unfortunately, all this requires massive amounts of server space and hardware, and increased bandwidth, which, in theory could mean increased CapEx and a hit to the bottom line.

Making the most out of hosted solutions

At TalkTalk Business we know that the move to hosted solutions is a real opportunity for IT departments to prove their worth and contribute to decision making and commercial success within the wider organisation; they provide a scalable, secure and reliable method of moving and managing large volumes of data.

However, before any transition, it’s vital that retailers consider connectivity. This is because hosted solutions, along with the consumerisation of technology, places more demand on your connectivity than ever before and for large retailers in particular, it is essential that a Business Grade demand is serviced by our Business Grade Connectivity.

We will work with your to ensure a seamless migration, identifying potential pain points, support you in optimising hosted solutions and establish the best fit connectivity package for your needs, be that through Business Broadband, EFM, Ethernet or a combination network solution. Our Business Grade service will ensure you get the flexible, resilient, wide-reaching connectivity your business needs – at the optimum price point for your requirements.