A new retail landscape

The answer to the common business question: “How do I do more with less?” is often rooted in a technology solution. In fact, used correctly, technology can help organisations tackle fundamental business issues such as consolidation, automation and security.

One industry in particular, which must look to effectively adopt new and emerging technologies in order to stay ahead of the game in these challenging economic times, is retail. This is because the world of retail is evolving and the next generation shopper now uses their smartphones to browse, compare prices and even place orders.

While mobile commerce is the probably the greatest problem currently faced by high street retailers, the issue is now about leveraging multi-channel retailing and integrating the on and offline worlds to create a unique and personalised shopping experience for consumers, one where they can use price checking apps in store, check in-store stock levels before visiting or even utilise ‘click’ and pick up systems.

A different approach

But it isn’t just the consumer that benefits from the new online shopping experience; a well integrated communication strategy, which integrates on and offline customer contact, can pay back dividends to the retailer, opening them up to a whole host of benefits including improved brand loyalty and increased sales.

While this movement towards a more mobile shopping experience is perhaps critical for business growth and profitability, we understand that the prospect itself can be a daunting. As you add more devices, apps and tools to your armoury, the strain on your network will increase to cope with the increase in workloads. You must look to invest in new and emerging technologies, making it as easy as possible for your customer to complete the shopping process, wherever they are in the world. 

As experts in technology, we can work with you to develop a fit for purpose IT strategy. Our Next Generation Data Centres deliver unrivalled scalability, connectivity and protection by combining top-level technological and physical security. Furthermore, our feature rich Business Grade technology, including our Hosted UC, SIP and VPN solutions, allow you to confidently deliver the latest applications and services to your customer, and make the most out of the new retail landscape.