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Reduce costs and increase efficiencies

Mobile working is only one element of the increasingly flexible, “always on” workforce.  Employees also want to access corporate information and applications through a device of their choosing.

The proliferation of mobile devices and tablets has made this challenge more complicated, adding numerous platforms and operating systems for the CIO to deal with, instead of a single OS.

Infrastructure must evolve quickly in order to support the flexibility and ease of access that customers and employees require. By building in security as part of the infrastructure, businesses can begin to implement these technologies in a risk-free way, and harness the many advantages that can be passed on to customers.

Advances in technology are enabling banking products and services to evolve to become more convenient and effective than ever before.  As such, the ability to rapidly evolve and adapt to changing customer needs will distinguish the successful banks of the future.

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Meeting conflicting challenges

New technologies can enable businesses to meet these seemingly paradoxical demands.  For example, virtualisation enables the trend towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) because it allows numerous operating systems to run through one CPU. Further, virtualising servers can lead to a reduction in data centre space, reduced power, reduced cost and energy consumption and ultimately a greener company policy with increased business value.

To simplify and streamline processes, financial and professional services organisations should make the most of hosted services such as contact centre as well as inbound solutions. To keep data secure, organisations should look to migrate and converge on a VPN that can meet the demands of their business.

We know that in order to achieve this, the highest levels of secure business grade connectivity are needed. That means demanding business grade SLAs and agreed fast fixes.  It means high capacity EFM or Ethernet connectivity that is fail-safe, resilient and completely secure.