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The perfect host

In the current economic climate, the financial and professional services sector is under pressure to cut costs, and do more with less. At TalkTalk Business, we recognise that some organisations in the sector are still struggling to find technological solutions to meet the challenges of such a rapidly evolving environment whilst working to restrictive budgets. 

From a financial perspective, migration to the cloud should deliver both a tangible reduction in capital cost, but also a reduction in operational expense such as storage, energy, waste and maintenance. 

The added pay-off for you is that TalkTalk Business’s Hosted Solutions will also give your enterprise the opportunity to innovate in the cloud and establish a competitive edge. Coupled with this, we can help you meet your compliance obligations thanks to a robust network with all the resilient and security your industry regulation demands. 

Bank on the cloud

Moving operations to a cloud environment allows organisations the freedom to test and automate tasks, tools, products and other new initiatives in a virtual environment, while core business systems and operations operate independently – and importantly, without disruption. 

At TalkTalk Business, we know that for IP protective, conservative and strictly regulated sectors such as financial and professional services, the cloud can help to release the shackles and increase the pace of innovation. 

However, this new bandwidth heavy technology has increased the value of the network. As such, those financial and professional services organisations that can find the optimum way to leverage the network can gain a significant competitive advantage.