In the current economic climate, UK businesses across the board are under pressure to cut costs, and do more with less. At TalkTalk Business we know that this is particularly pertinent for the financial and professional services sector, which is struggling to find a technological solution to meet the challenges of their rapidly-changing environment.

However, embracing demanding IT trends, such as ‘big data’, mobile and remote working, coupled with more sophisticated security threats, means that bandwidth requirements are increasing exponentially: all factors that at first glance, could contribute to the perfect storm of more costly connectivity.

These factors will only become more onerous for the financial and professional services sector, so it’s essential that the industry begins to future proof network architecture and migrates away from legacy systems which may be holding them back from cost-effective and efficient communications.

Furthermore, updating or replacing legacy systems can be a daunting task, so it’s essential that the financial and professional services sector work with a strategic partner, rather than a provider, that can guide them through a seamless transition. 

The cost of sticking with the status quo

Being under such intense pressure to reduce costs, it’s essential that the sector looks for ways to optimise resources and cut CapEx. An excellent place to start is with IT infrastructure.

At TalkTalk Business we know that moving to Hosted Solutions and virtualising workloads really can allow businesses to streamline operations and reduce costs. But for businesses to truly embrace these technologies effectively, and harness all the benefits they can bring, it’s essential that the right connectivity is in place - the increasing uptake in hosted solutions and the consumerisation of technology means that the demands on your connectivity are higher than ever and for large financial and professional services companies, more than any other segment, it's essential that a Business Grade demand is serviced by our Business Grade Connectivity. This means no less than Business Grade EFM or high capacity Ethernet

Furthermore, by hosting applications in our data centre via our Next Generation Network, you will benefit from resiliency and high security. Also, as costly CapEx expenditure can be moved over to an OpEx structure, you will have flexibility in budgeting and the opportunity to defer costs and pay for the service needed as it is received.