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Staying Secure

Ever-evolving markets and regulation updates mean that organisations operating within the finance and professional services space need the most cost-effective and efficient communications in order to streamline processes and overcome the challenges of legacy systems.

Advances in technology are evolving banking products and services to become more convenient and effective than ever before. As such, the ability to rapidly progress and adapt to changing customer need will distinguish the successful banks of the future.

To satisfy an increasingly tech-savvy and demanding customer base, infrastructure must advance quickly in order to support the flexibility and ease of access that customers require.

However, nowhere more than in the financial and professional services sector is the issue of data security of such importance. It’s easier said than done to adapt and embrace evolving technologies whilst ensuring that systems and processes are secure, resilient, and compliant.

Secure banking

The financial sector is also struggling against huge pressure to reduce cost and increase business efficiencies, in order to improve levels of customer service. The new breed of hosted technologies can act as a key enabler for businesses that are looking to streamline operations, cut costs and boost margins so that savings can be passed on to customers.

We know that to do this is an effective, secure way; security needs to be considered in the design stage. It's time for the sector to take a strategic, holistic overview of infrastructure and begin to implement cost-effective, future-proof and robust connectivity that will enable the emergence of a compliant organisation, built to meet the evolving demands of customers.  

Connect your facilities and consolidate your data over a secure VPN and back up your information in a Data Centre environment, this will streamline operations and ensure control over critical information. Look at solutions such as hosted call recording, which can also help to ensure you’re PCI compliance.