Technology built on a solid platform

Business technology is an exceptionally broad category, but the two worlds – “business” and “technology” – are intrinsically linked. In the modern enterprise, most processes can be streamlined, systems accessed remotely, back-ups installed for back-ups and devices activated on tap. The experts would have you believe that there’s a need for it all.  So how do small and medium sized businesses differentiate between what is necessary and what is over-indulgence?

With such a mire of new technologies being touted as “the next big thing”, where does it all end? With limited in-house expertise, how do you know which applications can genuinely help propel your business to a higher plane?

One thing is for certain – passing up the opportunity to adopt new technologies for fear of managing the beast can be fatal. Whether you choose to outsource your IT function, or retain control internally, don’t neglect the engine room of your IT infrastructure – the network. Be certain that whichever way you turn you’re getting Business Grade Connectivity to underpin your technology and operations. Be sure that you have TalkTalk Business in your corner.

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Technology for now and the future

Every business will eventually outgrow their existing technologies, but investing in more sophisticated services takes a fair amount of nerve. Especially when the ‘sticking plaster’ approach has tended to work in the past. But how long will that last and what compromises are you making while this short-termism prevails?

During that important phase when smaller businesses are growing, or planning for growth, it’s important to use technology in a way which enables your organization to get back to what it does best. Your focus should be on getting good, well-informed advice from TalkTalk Business. We not only know our stuff, but we’re passionate about investing the time required to get you up to speed.

But remember, your infrastructure will need to get up to speed too in order to cope with the increasing workloads that new technologies bring. All too many SMEs run their websites, apps and business programmes on ‘cheap’, residential broadband services that simply aren’t designed to cope with the capacity issues a genuine business grade solution delivers. Start the process of re-thinking your IT strategy by shifting your data and systems to the cloud serviced by our Next Generation Network. Together, we can scale the solution according to your business needs.

The Operations View

Are you one of those small businesses that is fast outgrowing your current technology, but need to keep a lid on your overheads? Like so many other firms operating in the SME segment, success for failure can rest on the need to keep up with technological change. Hesitate and deliberate for too long and you risk getting left behind. Failure to manage your technology is failure to manage your employees, your customers and your business as a whole.

That’s why it pays to work with a collaborative and proactive technology partner, like TalkTalk Business, for hardware, software, connectivity and consultancy support. We’re an organization that bothers to understand the unique quirks of your business. We’re also a provider that offers a highly-personalised service delivered by a team that can help you migrate to new technologies in a pain-free, step by step fashion with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

The IT View

The thing holding you back, and many large businesses like yours, are the compromises created by outdated, legacy IT systems and processes. This is compounded by overworked IT functions, underinvestment in new technologies and, ultimately, poor connectivity which prevents organisations from truly mobilising their workforce

No matter which technology or technologies you wish to pursue, your infrastructure needs to be up to the task – now and in the future. For every new device, app or process added to your IT portfolio, you need speed and capacity in your network to service the added workloads.

It takes a very particular breed of IT professional to capably manage the full technology portfolio available to them. Those within the industry recognize that the IT function is facing growing demands with very finite resources to play with. No longer can the local one-man-band be the first and only port of call for the up and coming SME. You need a business grade partner like TalkTalk Business with the track-record to support your firm as it moves along the growth curve.

The Finance View

Businesses annual waste millions of their hard earned cash on technologies that are capital expenditure intensive. They invest in cash-hungry hardware where there are perfectly appropriate software alternatives with none of the upfront costs.
Coupled with this, all too many small SMEs fall into the trap of using residential products, like broadband, due to fears over the cost and complexity of operating with dedicated business services. But with enormous market maturity in recent years, the cost of calls, data storage and bandwidth has fallen to highly affordable levels and TalkTalk Business has some of the most competitive packages around. Why opt for the slow lane when the fast one is just as accessible and so much more rewarding?
But don’t just stop there. Technologies develop rapidly and quickly become outdated, just like the contracts terms these products and services are offered on. Make sure your business isn’t getting short changed by working with a vendor-neutral partner like TalkTalk Business to review your technology portfolio and mix of suppliers. We’ve got your long-term business interests covered.


  • Cost-effective operational model which reduces your capital expenditure outlay
  • Flexible ‘pay-as-you-use’ service, ideally suited to small, highly-scalable businesses 
  • High level firewalls and security systems built into platforms and network solutions