Customers who combine voice and internet typcially save £2,100 vs 12 channels of BT ISDN30
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Keep your costs down and your speeds up

A cost effective way to advance to a high-capacity connection without committing to full fibre Ethernet. Enjoy speeds of up to 20Mbps with the advantage of in-built resilience to complement the fast fix times and 24x7 UK-based support.


Simple pricing structure – because we use fewer copper pairs to deliver the same service as other providers we can offer at a lower price without any loss of speed or quality. Couple this with no distance or usage charges either and available on the largest EFM network in the UK, ensures we can offer lower cost to connectivity to many more businesses.


Up to 10 or 20Mbps upstream and downstream over a dedicated business line, meaning you don't share it with anyone else.


We understand that you need to be online for your customers and employees. We are here to ensure you are always connected 24x7 with our UK based business experts as well as offering a 7 hour fix times at an affordable price.


EFM delivers faster speeds than broadband, SDSL, leased line and low-end fibre Ethernet and avoids many of the high excess construction charges that might come from installing traditional fibre.  It is ideal as an entry level Ethernet type service.


Choose from up to 10 or 20 Mbps delivered across multiple copper pairs, meaning in the unlikely event of one copper pair failing, there is an automatic fail-safe without service interruption. You are still up and running and doing business.


We only support businesses and have the largest network in the UK (+3,000 exchanges). We understand your wants and needs so that through every step of the process we can use our knowledge and experience to deliver exactly what you need technically and price wise which equals true value for money connectivity. Our ongoing expansion and network innovation means we'll keep bringing down the costs of connectivity for millions of British businesses, making Britain better off in the process.



Key features

Speeds of
up to 20Mbps,
both ways
bandwidth just

for your business
connection with
built in resilience
7 hour fix time
24/7 business

Ideal for

  •   Businesses looking for a speed upgrade where no Ethernet over Fibre is available 
  •   Businesses looking for a cost-effective replacement for BT leased lines
  •   Businesses that rely heavily on the internet for on-site or cloud based services
  •   Growing businesses that are increasingly using high-quality voice (SIP),
      data, video and CRM systems such as Salesforce and need greater resilience

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EFM Presentation

EFM Presentation

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EFM Datasheet

EFM Datasheet

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EFM in action

EFM Schematic