Simply the best there is

For unrivalled performance and the lowest prices connect with TalkTalk Business Ethernet. Deliver the best internet connectivity for your customers and employees –  we aim to deliver a prioritised and dedicated service to be available at all times so you can do more, and do it faster increasing productivity and revenue.


Save £1,100 on a 3 year contract with an upfront installation fee

Installation fee

£1,900 (1yr)







£0 (3yr)







£2,500 (3yr)







Key features

Speeds of
up to 1Gbps,
both ways
Highly scalable
to meet your requirements
as they change
Increased security,
privacy and
5 hour fix time
24/7 business

Simple pricing structure - no distance or usage charges.  All of this on the largest Ethernet network in the UK so we can offer lower cost to connectivity to many more businesses.


Speeds of 10Mb to 1Gbps available

Start from the speed you require and just pay for what you need, with the peace of mind that when you need more we can easily enable without any costly digs or lengthy lead times.


We can also offer additional backup, security solutions as well as assistance in getting the connection optimised for your business needs.


We aim for the service to be available at all times so you can do more, and do it faster increasing productivity and revenue.  As Ethernet is the most stable and least prone to breaking connectivity you can buy, in the unlikely event of a fault, we aim to get you up and running in 5 hours, the fastest available.


We understand that when you need to be online for your customers and employees 100% of the time. We are here for you to ensure that always happens 24x7.


We only support businesses and have the largest network in the UK (+3,000 exchanges). We understand your wants and needs so that through every step of the process we can use our knowledge and experience to deliver exactly what you need technically and price wise which equals true value for money connectivity. Our ongoing expansion and network innovation means we'll keep bringing down the costs of connectivity for millions of British businesses, making Britain better off in the process.

Ideal for

  • Businesses that require the most reliable connection available for business that must be online and operational 24/7
  • Organisations where loss of internet would mean their business would grind to a halt
  • Businesses with employees that are split over multiple sites, using central business; critical ERP, logistics, trading or CRM systems
  • Businesses that are affected by interference or need to ensure privacy of connection - so require true Ethernet connectivity

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Ethernet Presentation

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Ethernet Datasheet

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