The way UK businesses work is changing

As a business grows in terms of the amount of information shared, the ways in which individuals share it and the wider geography it is shared across, bandwidth needs to grow to accommodate these processes. However at the same time, budgets are being cut, or at best, remaining static. The pressure to satisfy both these criteria is mounting, but these seemingly conflicting demands can be aligned.

So, with increasing business demands accelerating the need to converge voice, data and video onto a unified communications network, businesses will need to evolve their strategies in order to support employees in accessing new technologies in an efficient and secure way; it is essential that there is a plan in place to support and optimise connectivity. The wider business must now be technology savvy and forward looking, in order to adapt quickly and effectively to its changing needs without missing opportunities for cost reduction.

At TalkTalk Business we know that Business Grade connectivity and hosted solutions provide the route to enabling new ways of working, and provide the solution to the contradictory challenge of reducing costs, while investing to meet growth and business goals. 

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Powering a hosted world

The move to hosted solutions is a real opportunity for IT departments to prove their worth and contribute to decision making and commercial success within the wider organisation.

However, while it is great to see more organisations overcome the concerns that have previously been stumbling blocks to fully fledged hosted adoption, it’s important for issues such as data security, loss of control, reliability and compliance to remain key considerations when embracing any new technologies. You should look to work with a provider that will help you to balance these needs with ensuring the right technology is in place to support your business and aid its growth.

At TalkTalk Business we understand that due to this increasing uptake in hosted solutions and the consumerisation of technology, demands on your connectivity are higher than ever and for large corporate companies, more than any other segment, it is essential that a business grade demand is serviced by our Business Grade connectivity.

We will work with your to ensure a seamless migration, identifying potential pain points, support you in optimising hosted solutions and establish the best fit connectivity package for your needs, be that through Business Broadband, EFM, Ethernet or a combination network solution. Our Business Grade service will ensure you get the flexible, resilient, wide-reaching connectivity your business needs – at the optimum price point for your requirements.  

The Operations view

Optimising operations in order to maximise productivity and cost efficiency across the board is the backbone of your role as Operations Director. You look to technology as a tool to help you streamline processes, rather than slow them down; you can’t be burdened with an unreliable connection.

Always on the lookout for new ways of increasing efficiency and effectiveness of staff and business operations, you understand the benefits that the shift to remote working, as well as working from multi-devices and locations can offer. As such, you need a provider that can supply the solutions your business needs to be able to perform at its best, at all times, while embracing these trends.

Hosted technologies are an inevitable step towards supporting the trend towards mobile and remote working and it’s essential that UK businesses have the technology in place to enable this new way of working.

At TalkTalk Business we understand that business continuity remains a key concern in the adoption of any new technology or initiative. Our high capacity Ethernet should be considered to provide a dedicated internet connection between sites with scalable bandwidth, while our bespoke network solutions offer superfast and robust communications between sites.

The IT view

Ultimately responsible for optimising people, process and technology, as CIO you are focussed on the sourcing, integration and management of technology enabled business services. You see new technology as an enabler which will open your business up to growth, in a meaningful and considered manner. However, with tight budgets across the business, you are required to do this for less money.

As such, you need a reliable and experienced telecoms partner, with trusted and proven solutions, that can help you to increase your competitiveness with stronger business intelligence, analytics, mobility solutions and virtualisation.

At TalkTalk Business we will work with you to develop an IT strategy that will not only support your workplace now, but in the future as well – we have the Business Grade solutions and Next Generation network to support mobility, increasing data volumes and IT consumerisation.

However, we understand that to truly improve efficiencies and boost productivity and profitability, this means no less that Business Grade connectivity. We have a large portfolio of Business Grade connectivity solutions, including Ethernet and VPN, that can help you make the most out of new technologies, and ensure the smooth planned delivery of IT projects without delays and on budget.

The Finance view

As CIO, you face constant pressure to cut costs across the board. You are tasked with thinking about how best to create both a high level of efficiency and an expanded capacity in order to provide meaningful business insights that meet new challenges and opportunities being raised across the enterprise.

The move to new technologies, such as hosted solutions, provide the ideal solution, enabling you to move costly CapEx expenditure over to an OpEx structure – allowing flexibility in budgeting and the opportunity to defer costs and pay for the service you need as you receive it. 

However, at TalkTalk Business we know that when it comes to hosted solutions, connectivity is key, especially with bandwidth expenses expected to increase by 15% year on year. We have a large portfolio of Business Grade connectivity solutions, including Ethernet and VPN, and can provide you with a simple and transparent pricing structure– one that allows you to pay for the bandwidth you need and upscale in line with business growth, rather than pre-empting it.


  • Business grade connectivity provides the route to enabling new ways of working, and the solution to the contradictory challenge of reducing costs, while investing to meet growth and business goals
  • With multi-site and remote working becoming increasingly prevalent across UK businesses, connectivity and hosted services become critical to ensuring efficient and successful business processes
  • Solving the connectivity conundrum and making the move to hosted solutions is a real opportunity for IT departments to prove their worth and contribute to the commercial success of the wider organisation