The perfect host

The logic and popularity of the hosted model is built on the inescapable truth that data, devices and workloads demands are increasing day-bay-day, year-by-year. Your current infrastructure, may be ideally suited to your present needs but how long can it last? With the rising influence of consumerisation, e-commerce and big data forcing the IT function onto the back foot, now is the time to identify how the cloud can help you relieve the burden and, at the same time, stimulate growth.

When you observe that some of the largest businesses in modern corporate history have built their success on cloud-based models, the reluctance of others to embrace hosted solutions is all the more puzzling. At TalkTalk Business, we know that big business is yet to fully throw off the shackles of technological conservatism and the effects are not just stifling the enterprise community, but also the customers they serve.

It has become noticeably cheaper, quicker and safer to push data to and from the cloud. Indeed, the sector has matured to the point where larger firms can maximise their economies of scale whether they choose to deploy and public, private or hybrid model. The question for you is how you manage the migration to the cloud and who with.

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Low hanging cloud

The cloud has become the perfect host for your data, systems, tools and apps – thanks to its ability to help consolidate your infrastructure, facilitate the development of new technologies and scale according to your needs. It’s within your grasp so long as you have a business grade partner, like TalkTalk Business, to help you manage the migration and provide the connectivity you need to harness the benefits.

With zero capital investment required, and an ongoing pay-as-you-go model which leaves you in command of your storage and bandwidth usage, the risk is shifted directly to your hosting partner and network operator. That’s why you not only need to make the switch, but to do so on a sound footing with a Next Generation Network at the heart of your infrastructure.

So, whether you’re intending to virtualise part or all of your systems, data and apps, be sure that your transformation strategy is being handled by a multi-disciplined team that has the track record, expertise and commitment to make the transition a success. In short, be sure that it all adds up to a true, business grade solution from TalkTalk Business.

The IT View

Cloud Corp ITDespite the hype, too many organisations under-employ the cloud as a business solution – even though it’s a concept that is ideally suited to the corporate enterprise. This is probably because, for businesses like yours, security is the number one concern. It’s easy to forget that data loss, and network outages are just as common to the ‘old world’ as the new one.

Migrating your infrastructure, systems and apps to a virtual world needn’t be such a compliance headache. With TalkTalk Business’s Next Generation Network and hosted solutions, you can be satisfied that resilience, protection and back-ups for back-ups are in-built as standard.

With business grade connectivity, UK-based data centres and a cloud-based application service, we’ve got dedicated infrastructure to prevent you from being exposed to the frailties of web security. So, with all this in mind, what’s stopping you from migrating to a highly-secure, private cloud solution from TalkTalk Business? 

The Operations View

Cloud Corporate OpsWhether you operate on a sole or multi-site basis, you need the reassurance that your technology is working hard for the business and providing good interoperability, resilience and reliability. By contrast, if you’re taking the risk of operating with aging hardware, systems and servers, your next wave of IT or telephony downtime could just be around the corner.

Why run the gauntlet when cloud solutions exist today from TalkTalk Business that can introduce greater flexibility, agility and productivity into your business? Whether you need better contact centre technologies, improved data centre performance or layers of added security, the cloud is the perfect place to replicate your IT infrastructure in a safe, highly-versatile environment.

Our hosted solutions are geared up to deliver not only reduced capital expenditure, but all the associated benefits of moving your reliance away from physical, on-site servers. Benefits such as reduced floor space, lower energy costs and speedier product development, testing and deployment are just around the corner. 

The Finance View

The Finance ViewIn recent times, many corporate businesses commercially and operationally gone back to basics. Some have disposed of non-core business units and subsidiaries, others have reined in R&D budgets to keep a lid on spiralling costs. Set against this backdrop, it’s surprisingly that many enterprises have failed to fully examine the potential of cloud solutions as a means to consolidate overheads, while facilitating innovation.

Shifting from capital-intensive, on-site server IT platforms to hosted solutions has never been easier or cheaper, thanks to a highly competitive technology space and falling prices of data storage and usage. Coupled with this, the risk has shifted too. No longer do you have to worry about the constant drain on resources attributed to upgrading, maintaining and locking down your systems. That problem now resides on the other side of the fence – with your cloud provider and network operator.

At TalkTalk Business, that’s exactly how we like it because we have the best of breed products, at competitive prices on a robust Next Generation Network. From hosted data centres, to unified communications and contact centre solutions, we have a scalable, cloud-based solution to meet your business needs today and into the future. 


  • Cost-effective operational model which reduces your capital expenditure outlay
  • Flexible ‘pay-as-you-use’ service, ideally suited to scalable businesses 
  • High level firewalls and security systems built into platforms and network solutions
  • Business continuity without the need for back-up sites or expensive on-site energy costs