The age of mobility is well and truly upon us

Once a relatively controlled, gradual movement which mirrored the growth of remote offices and home working, due to the commercialisation of IT and the monumental rise in smart phone devices, mobility has now transformed into more of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) issue. A recent global Forrester Consulting study confirmed that BYOD is fast becoming established, with one in five businesses already supporting employee owned devices.

Why? Well this is because the next generation workforce, as well as the one you already have, expects to be able to access the same level of IT in the workplace, as they do at home. They want to access data and applications from anywhere in the world, to collaborate with colleagues and customers quickly and easily, and use smartphones, tablets and laptops to do it.

At TalkTalk Business, we understand that while the movement towards a more mobile workforce is critical for business growth and if implemented correctly, can pay back dividends to an organisation in terms of productivity and staff morale, the prospect of mobilisation is a daunting task to say the least - particularly with tight IT budgets continuing to set the scene up and down the country.

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Making mobilisation work for you and your business

As the trend for mobile working increases, so does the ‘edge’ of an organisation’s network, and a lot of the time, the inherent system just isn’t up to scratch. The increasing demands placed on a business due to mobilisation accelerate the need to converge voice, data and video onto a unified communications network, not to mention the need for additional resources and capabilities from the IT infrastructure, with elements such as uninterrupted roaming, wireless video on demand, and VoIP coming into the mix - all of which add up to higher bandwidth needs.

As experts in mobilisation, TalkTalk Business can work with you to develop a fit for purpose IT strategy. We know that as the trend for mobile working increases, online applications and hosted solutions become critical to secure, reliable and efficient business processes. Our feature rich business grade technology, including our hosted UC and mobile solutions, will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a mobilised workforce, without compromising on security and minimising risk to your business.

Furthermore, we understand that in the fast-paced world of business, you need reliable and universal coverage, adequate bandwidth for rich data services and affordable pricing for those services; it is critical that business grade demands are serviced by business grade connectivity. So, by demanding a business grade service that is tailored to your needs, you will ensure you get the flexible, resilient, wide-reaching connectivity your business needs – at the optimum price point for your requirements – to make the most out of the mobilisation wave.

The Operation View

As an Operations Manager, you need to ensure that business resources are operationally streamlined for maximum productivity and cost efficiency, while still delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. You must ensure that telecoms and technology aren’t a burden on the workflow and slow processes down; mobilisation can provide the answer.

A more ‘mobile’ workforce will help to increase staff productivity through faster responsiveness and improved decision-making, as employees are more capable and comfortable working on personally owned devices instead of corporately issued technology. This will in turn improve customer service and reduce downtime as handheld devices, for example, can provide an alternative method of working if an employee laptop/desk PCs is non-functional.

Furthermore, by giving employees the freedom to work on their own devices and from home, you will be encouraging more of an ‘always on’ culture throughout the business, contributing to higher levels of customer satisfaction. At TalkTalk Business we can offer bespoke business grade network solutions to provide superfast and robust communications between sites to ensure your mobile workforce is working at maximum capacity, without a significant increase in connectivity costs and with the peace of mind that the network is available 24/7.

The IT View

As CIO, you are ultimately responsible for optimising people, process and technology across your business. You are focused on sourcing, integrating and managing the optimum technology enabled solutions that will help your business to grow, all while staying within an ever-tightening IT budget.

To support business growth and profitability in these challenging times you must look to execute an IT strategy that will best support the workplace now, as well as in future, and mobilisation can provide the answer. By allowing employees to work on personally owned devices as part of a BYOD scheme, you are not only giving them a sense of freedom and flexibility, and in turn increasing job satisfaction, but improving staff productivity levels too; employees are no longer held back by out-dated technology and systems, and can work quickly and efficiently on devices they are comfortable working with.

Also, the implementation of BYOD initiatives means that more ‘tech-savvy’ employees have the freedom to become self-sufficient, therefore reducing the need for helpdesk support. This helps businesses to keep costs down and removes the need to expand resources to support a plethora of new devices across a business.

As experts in mobile, we can provide specialist support and guidance on corporate services, as well as provide the latest and most resilient business grade solutions, to help your organisation get the most out of its network.

The Finance View

As a CFO you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders and are tasked with driving the profitability of your business forward. You need to think about making the finance function more effective in order to provide meaningful business insights that meet new challenges and opportunities being raised across the enterprise, now and in the future. You are looking to invest in a solution that can accommodate future forecasted growth and adapt to changing needs over time; mobilisation can help you do this.

By switching to a more mobile workforce, you will not only be reducing your business overheads as more tech-savvy employees look to work with their own devices, reducing the need for IT support and the cost of corporately owned devices, but you will be helping the business make all manner of corporate decisions better, faster
and with more certainty of intended outcomes. This is because with the freedom and flexibility to work remotely and with their own chosen device, your employees will become more responsive, improving decision-making and productivity.

At TalkTalk Business we have the technology to help you make the most out of mobilisation. Our hosted solutions, which will help with the transition to mobile working, allow you to move costly CapEx expenditure over to an OpEx structure – permitting flexibility in budgeting and the opportunity to defer costs and pay for the service needed as it is received.


  • Mobilisation and BYOD schemes can liberate and motivate employees, giving them a sense of choice and flexibility, and more importantly, job satisfaction
  • The use of personally owned devices can also reduce business downtime as handheld devices for example can provide an alternative method of working if an employee laptop/desk PCs is non-functional
  • Employees choose to bring their own devices into work because they are faster and easier to work with, as such,  employee productivity can increase through faster responsiveness and improved decision-making
  • As employees on BYOD schemes must purchase their own devices, the outlay cost of corporate devices is removed, in turn relieving cost pressures to a business