Technology is the enabler

The answer to that perennial business question: “How do I do more with less?” is often rooted in a technology solution. Whether an enterprise is looking to consolidate its IT resource or fast-track growth through innovation – often both at the same time – technology is seen as the enabler. What you need to know is: how, where and when?

At TalkTalk Business we are fully aware that deploying technology can be a complex, time-consuming and counter-productive process if the business and IT function lacks clarity over its strategy and objectives. This is vital for securing boardroom buy-in and the cooperation of all the stakeholders that, ultimately, the technology serves.

A business culture and an IT investment strategy, which is based on least cost and minimal risk will lead your organisation to under-investment, outdated legacy systems, increased maintenance costs, stretched resources and – most tellingly – competitive disadvantage. Instead, you should be focusing on whether technology can help your business tackle fundamental business issues such as consolidation, automation, security and business intelligence.

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Ready, willing and technology enabled?

Minimising cost and time to market are two of the major priorities of the day, along with the need to maximise business agility and competitiveness. Whether you’re simply planning to upgrade a call plan or ‘rip and replace’ a server – these attributes should front and centre of your thought process.

But remember, as you add more technologies to your armoury, the strain on your network will increase. So, if your newly adopted solutions are hosted or deployed through a cloud-based model, then you will require adequate bandwidth and reassurances over latency and resilience. Realistically, these attributes can only be delivered reliably over a Next Generation Network.

After all, technology is only as good the connectivity between the end points – whether that’s your employees, customers or suppliers. It’s also only as good as the strategy and IT architecture supporting it.

That’s why we believe that the ultimate answer is a dynamic data centre business model, with Ethernet in the first mile and Hosting in a private cloud environment. With all the flexibility, scale and efficiencies that any enterprise could need, what’s stopping you make the transition to TalkTalk Business?

The Operations View

Right now, you may view technology as both a benefit and a barrier to business efficiency. But with the right approach your enterprise can shift from one that is crippled by IT downtime to one that enjoys competitive advantage through efficient and innovative tools, systems and applications.

You need to cater for a workforce that demands flexible, remote working – without compromise. You need to provide mobile access to business critical data – without risk. Your peers want reassurances that new technologies can be introduced – without disruption.

With such business demands front of mind, enterprises are increasingly turning to open-source, cloud based solutions to help realise the dream: an “always on”, interconnected, highly networked workforce. You may wish to take an educated gamble on new technologies – turning them on and off at will in the cloud – but the network is one area where you take risks at your peril. Nothing less than business grade connectivity will do. In short, nothing less than the Next Generation Network from TalkTalk Business. 

The IT View

No matter which technology or technologies you wish to pursue, your infrastructure needs to be up to the task – now and in the future. For every new device, app or process added to your IT portfolio, you need the speed and capacity in your network to service the workloads.

If you’re looking to develop, test and deploy applications in the cloud – to reduce costs, minimise business disruption or leverage increased scale – then you need true business grade connectivity from TalkTalk Business. If your enterprise is looking to expand over multiple sites, or introduce a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, then you need faster, more-accessible data and comms systems.

The thing holding you back, and many large businesses like yours, are the compromises created by outdated, legacy IT systems and processes. This is compounded by overworked IT functions, underinvestment in new technologies and, ultimately, poor connectivity which prevents organisations from truly mobilising their workforce

Use TalkTalk Business technology to lower your costs, alleviate the burden on the IT function and add value in the boardroom. We not only know your market, we have the track record to ensure your migration is pain-free and supportive of your wider business strategy.

The Finance View

Fetching and carrying large amounts business critical information, in a world where data is multiplying exponentially, requires a robust network able to withstand peaks in activity and protect it against breaches in security and governance. It also requires a technology solution that downscales to ensure your assets are operating at optimum utilisation and lowest cost. Waste should be a thing of the past when it comes to technology, which is why many corporates are turning to the cloud for true business efficiency. 

With the ability to upscale and downscale at will, the offer of transparent pricing and a movement from cash hungry CapEx investments to a ‘pay as you go’ operational model, it’s no wonder that technology today simply means one thing – the cloud.

But businesses annually waste millions of their hard earned cash on technologies that their businesses are unable to successfully exploit due to poor infrastructure and connectivity. So, why not invest in quality, business grade technology today and reap the rewards tomorrow? Start by simplifying your systems and moving to a single, all-encompassing provider of voice, video and data solutions on a Next Generation Network. Lower your costs, get better service and more commercially and operationally attractive contract terms with TalkTalk Business.


  • Flexible, resilient, wide-reaching connectivity your business needs at the optimum price point for your technology requirements
  • A network partner that can add value in terms of identifying potential pain points and optimising your technology solutions
  • Flexibility to establish the best fit connectivity package for your needs, be that through broadband, EFM, Ethernet or a combination network solution
  • Deliver information and applications quickly and seamlessly to end users, bringing better customer service and increased productivity