The opportunity for infrastructure transformation has arrived.

The buzz around the benefits of virtualisation is just short of deafening. With the internet becoming increasingly reliable and efficient, and a boom in hosted applications and services for businesses, virtualisation has proved itself by demonstrating tangible benefits such as cost effectiveness, scalability and reliability: plus, by virtue of its customisable “layers”, it can offer bespoke solutions to organisations at the right level for the business need.

With Gartner quoting cost savings of up to 50%, virtualisation has a proven track-record and virtualisation technology is sufficiently mature today that the opportunity for infrastructure transformation has truly arrived.

At TalkTalk Business, we see the prime benefit of virtualising workloads as helping organisations to centralise administrative tasks, while improving scalability and overall hardware-resource utilisation. This centralisation of resources simplifies management operations and allows a single maintenance operation to span a large number of virtualised desktops, saving manpower and resource. Simply, virtualisation optimises hardware utilisation, resulting in reduced cost.

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Virtualisation values the network

At TalkTalk Business, we understand that to fully embrace the opportunities offered by virtualisation, you need the right connectivity. Virtualisation has increased the value of the network and to optimise the benefits virtualisation offers, you need a truly business grade connection that can support the efficiencies, business continuity, security and compliance benefits that are offered by this evolved technology.

The network has gone from being the unequipped “highway system” of a company to being the most significant and relied upon IT asset: the single resource that ties all corporate workers to the applications and information they need. Finding the optimum way to leverage the network can mean a significant competitive advantage.

We’re passionate about the value of the network, and believe that is the ideal resource to build your strategy around, when considered holistically and aligned with a wider data centre strategy. The network that your virtual applications are operating on can become a key point of strategic differentiation, enabling increased agility and ensuring that you can meet whatever challenges the business brings forward by scaling and adapting resources to changing business needs.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that businesses can take to virtualisation, as every organisation is at a very different stage in its journey towards embracing the technology and each organisation has very different needs.

However, the move towards virtualisation is inevitable to take into account the myriad and differing needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. To accommodate your employees and their devices, you will need a virtual environment that best suits the needs of your business, and to accommodate your virtual environment, you will need Business Grade Connectivity.

The Operations View

You need to ensure that all business resources are streamlined in order to maximise operational and cost efficiency.  You’re looking to your IT resource as a key area in which you can reduce complexity by aligning and consolidating processes. You are also keen to boost employee productivity by enabling remote working and access from a number of different devices. 

To meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce, the need to virtualise your operations is becoming more apparent.  However, you will miss out on the benefits that can be harnessed by virtualisation if employees face the frustration of not being able to access the network easily, and on their own terms.

At TalkTalk Business, we can offer you need the right connectivity to make the move to a virtual world in an effective and reliable way. This means business grade EFM, delivered over a robust, resilient, next generation network, with data centre back up and disaster recovery, to ensure business continuity is never compromised.

The IT View
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To maximise efficiencies and cost savings in the IT budget, you need to ensure that you are implementing the right solutions for the needs of your business.  You are looking for ways to prove to the board that IT and telecoms infrastructure can be a key differentiator between you and your competitors, and really add value to your business.

The IT strategy you implement now needs to be able to support the workplace of the future – this means a fully flexible system that can support mobility and the consumerisation of IT, and the move to a virtual world becoming inevitable.

In making this move, however, it is essential that you do not compromise on the network.  The network should become the backbone of your IT infrastructure, and as such, the ideal tool to build your strategy around.

Legacy architectures operate on the basis that the applications and content workers need to access is locally installed on laptops or desktops. With the increasing diversity of endpoints today, that computing model no longer scales. At TalkTalk Business, we can deliver the most scalable, cost-effective network for application delivery.

The Financial View
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You’re keen to make the switch to the “pay as you go” pricing structure offered by virtualising workloads and applications. In seeking to reduce your capital expenditure through virtualisation, it’s important to implement the right virtual solutions for your specific workloads. Consider what would be the most effective variation of consolidated server and human resource, optimised provisioning, optimised server utilisation, a reduction in system complexity, and efficient management of workload operations.

However, it’s essential that you do not compromise on the network, even if it means shifting away from the incumbent vendor. The incumbent vendor may be the path of least resistance but is often only the “good enough” choice and you need to fully investigate other supplier offerings. In the era of virtual computing, good enough is no longer good enough.

At Talk Talk Business, we can work with you to ensure the best fit for your individual requirements, and implement a virtualisation solution which optimises resources and reduces costs, based on your own specific needs and business growth targets.


  • Consolidates server and client resources and optimises provisioning, driving optimised server utilisation, reducing unnecessary system complexity, and efficiently managing workload operations.
  • Reduces disruptive events and maximises business continuity, reducing server downtime, simplifying disaster and recovery planning, and more efficiently planning and managing server maintenance.
  • Efficiently supports business growth and SLA attainment, dynamically assigning server resources, rapidly deploying new applications and OS, and efficiently supporting business-critical legacy applications.
  • Employee mobility and flexibility increases productivity and satisfaction - because they get the same end-user experience regardless of device or location.